K-On!! 23 We’re in the Final Stretch

The story of K-On!! is quickly approaching it’s end (although it seems there will be two bonus episodes) with this episode featuring on the day of graduation. I watched with a heavy heart, as they went through one activity after another, getting closer to the end that’s going to come. Yes, I am sad to see it coming to end, I’m not ashamed to say.

So first the girls starts off by doing nothing, then the go to clean out their desks. At least Yui and Ritsu do, as they haven’t already.

Bother Nodoka and Sawako.

Have lunch with Azusa.

Clean up the music room, something the poor place has needed for a long time.

Then, when school is over, and Azusa joins them, they perform one last time. This time, the girls record all their songs to leave behind a piece of themselves. Doing so takes them into the evening. With that, and all too soon, the episode is over.

These tears? Uh, my dorm room is dusty. Really really dusty. That’s all, I swear.  I’m not suppose to cry until the next episode, after all.

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