Heroman 15: Now Let’s Sit and Talk Like Mature People

After a couple of slower episodes (well, for Heroman) the plot moves quickly in this one, so much that at points, I had trouble keeping of track of all the little details of what was going on. I think I got the main points, and that’s what matters.

Joey and Hughes sit down to have a discussion, where to no one’s surprise, Hughes is willing to help out Joey and do everything he can. After all, he has a lot of respect for Joey—and is a bit of a Heroman fanboy. Joey also demonstrates his mad pouting skills. Just as they come to an understanding, Minami turns on Hughes, and attempts to have him killed. Hughes is too cool to be killed, and escapes with the help of Joey, where he tries to get a message to the government.

The evil doctor turns out to have a robot that can take Heroman on, and not be one hit k.o.ed. Minami’s main motivation for all this seems to be very simple. He wants to have the biggest baddest robot. The guy is kinda a jerk. I bet he is one of those people who can’t stand it when a kid gets more attention then him, and goes out to ruin the kid’s life-wait, that is him! Even when Sideburns President tells him to knock if off, he keeps fighting. Dude, no one cares if you have the better robot anymore! You just ignored the president! That’s a serious problem!

Face it, even if you beat Heroman, you're still not going to be cool.

On top of this, the news crew fits into this somehow. Probably their job is to reveal to the public how corrupted the government is, even if they’re a fumbling news crew. They are the only ones stupid enough to try to get involved in this, after all.

I'm not paid enough to blog this either, and you don't see me complaining.

In the end though, I honestly felt this was a great episode, and an excellent way to bring everything together. Usually things in Heroman are on the lackluster end, but this wasn’t, choosing to go out with a bang. I’m starting to doubt Heroman will survive the series though.

3 Replies to “Heroman 15: Now Let’s Sit and Talk Like Mature People”

  1. I still enjoyed this episode though.

    and Honestly, I don’t think the episodes with the government chasing Joey and friends were that slow.

    They were pretty well Paced IMO. You need to catch up tho

  2. While I didn’t find the episodes leading to this point slow, the ones that will come after are the ones that made the show feel like a real chore. A lot of people seem to enjoy those episodes though.

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