K-On!! 24 The Story Ends

And here is where the story the K-On!! ends, although the show has two more bonus episodes. The day has come for the girls to graduate and leave high school forever. Usually this is a good thing, as high school means grueling classes and bullshit drama. It’s still a good thing in the world of K-On!!, as the girls are growing up and moving forward. Still, their version of high school makes me think of spending a lot with friends, rocking out, and just a never ending happiness, and it’s sad to see them leave it behind.

Still, this episode was handled well. Rather then being overdramatic all the way through, most of it was treated like a normal episode with the girls little adventures as they get prepared to and get through graduation, complete with an outrageous fantasy thanks to Sawako wondering what Yui was hiding.

I also appreciated that Sawako had a part in this episode, and was really happy that her class gave her gift. She was a great character, and did really care about her students, so the way the handled her final scenes I thought was very fitting. I loved her last line to her students, after trying so hard to be nice and polite, “I’ll be waiting for you to get your asses back here!”

Even though I was expecting it, when Azusa starting crying after trying to be happy, and essentially has a bit of a breakdown, I thought that was the saddest thing. Poor Azusa, she finally cracked. I think the she’ll be okay in the end, even if the transition is hard is what this episode showed us regarding her.

Although the song they played…it was so touching. I know Azusa said it was bad, but I liked it. Ending the series with a farewell song worked to tie everything off.

And I didn’t cry. Okay, I teared up a little bit…

Why can't Yui put hose on by herself?

4 Replies to “K-On!! 24 The Story Ends”

  1. Such a professionally-done series. Doesn’t try too hard, or mercilessly milk its appeal, and even though it’s about (yes) cute girls doing cute things, it shows just enough smarts and self-awareness to keep from being cloying. I loved it. And I misted up for a minute too.

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