Heroman 17 A Turn For the Better?

Well, this was a really cool episode. Quick paced, really compelling, possibility of a deeper plot. It only took us what…17 episodes to get there? Oh well. The new arch starts off with a new villain, although it’s quickly becomes obvious who he is despite his identity being hidden until the end of the episode. After all, we only have one character with untied plot ends, and that very same character would have the motivation to commit the crimes.

Roscharh! Well, no, although an anime adaptation of Watchman would be awesome if done right.

Joey and Psy get filled in on the situation by Professor Denton, of course. Our new villain has been stealing Skrug parts from factories, and Denton is concerned as he has some parts. So he talks the boys into being his bodyguards for the night. Why the school would ever let Denton use the place for the night for an experiment is beyond me. It’s not that hard to tell he’s a mad scientist type.

That way, if we accidentally destroy the school, we already have an explanation!

The first intruder of the night…is Joey’s teacher. She’s come to do what any reasonable adult would do, and talk some sense into Joey, Psy, and Denton to stop running around at night. She’s just going about it in an unreasonable way. Although she actually listens to Joey’s orders to stay there. I love anime logic.

Their talk gets ended by intruder #2, the new bad guy attacking Professor Denton and Psy. Joey rushes back, and with Heroman, discovers unsurprisingly the new ‘villain’ is Will! Apparently life hasn’t been so kind to him thus resulting in him becoming this cool anti-hero searching to purge the world of any remains of the Skrugg. The reason for the purge is probably to ensure that nobody ends up like him. Unfortunately, in this case, it’s pits him against Joey and gang. He easily kicks their butts though.

I love Psy’s expression here.

Joey and gang decide they have no choice but to go after him. While they’re doing that, they end up with another situation of their hands…

Heroman meets a real women.

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