Highschool of the Dead, episode 12: For those about to rock…

And so ends the first season of one of the most recklessly fun series I’ve had the pleasure to watch. Criticize the show for being light on substance, but it knew what it was and what it was supposed to deliver and that was sex appeal and violence. As Maximus would say, are you not entertained? Yes. Yes, I was entertained.


She’s alive! Obligatory appearance of the MIA sniper. I would guess mostly for Shinmaru’s sake. After finally catching up with Shizuka, Rika witnesses a large nuclear explosion above the atmosphere which acts as an EMP and fries every electronic in Japan. One of the things that show hasn’t done well is explain what the hell is going on in the world outside. I never felt like I had a good understanding of how these countries were launching nukes at each other. So all of the nuke scenes were just a big yawn. Who cares when you don’t understand? I just want to see Saya pantsu shots.


The final episode of the season gave us quite a bit of fanservice, and not just the pantsu and oppai kind. But we also see Shidou get some sort of a comeuppance, as the EMP fries the bus’ engine  and sends it hurtling full speed into a tractor. Now, that seems sort of illogical as if the engine failed the car should just slow down and sputter to a stop, but apparently Shidou picked the bus from Speed. Like a cockroach we know he and his sex pawns will survive, but still it was nice to see him get wacked like that.


I was also happy to see the crazy pacifist receive her comeuppance. As it goes, she was clearly the most psychotic, bloodthirsty one of them all and she dies happily, cackling like a maniac and hacking at body parts. What a freak.


Which brings us to the big FUBAR moment of the episode, as a parade of zombies finally breaks down the Takagi stronghold and the zombies (who apparently multiplied like rabbits when we weren’t looking) storm the castle.


Does it lead to awkward situations when the mom is way hotter than the daughter? When the zombies break through, Saya’s parents leave her to Takashi and Kouta’s care in a bit of self-sacrifice. Proving that everyone loves manhandling Saya, Saya’s mom bitchslaps her and tells her to not make it any harder than it is. But it’s a somewhat bittersweet scene as Saya’s goodbye is cut short, partly due to the zombies and partly due to her mom’s order.


Luckily for the gang, one of the humvees was unaffected by the EMP and they escape the house and head to new pastures. I really hope Saya’s parents survive. As badass as they are, I can’t imagine a possibility where they could die but all the kids survive. I mean, Saya’s dad is voiced by Jouji Nakata for God’s sake. No one kills him unless maybe Norio Wakamoto showed up in zombie form. (That would be a badass fight.)


Takashi has a great line at the end. One of those smarmy, I’m an action hero and I’m going to kick the world’s ass kind of lines. It was a perfect cap to the episode and the season.

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Brainless? Sure. Crazy fun? Totally. Not only fun to watch, but quite possibly the most fun I’ve had in writing about a show. I’ve picked up a habit of not blogging the second seasons of show I’ve written about before, but if and when HOTD 2 comes back, I’ll definitely join the zombie train again. Thanks to all for reading and for commenting. Let the dead rise again!

11 Replies to “Highschool of the Dead, episode 12: For those about to rock…”

  1. I say Nakata wins because zombies are easy to kill when it’s one-on-one and you know what you’re doing, and because I prefer Nakata to Wakamoto (though I love Wakamoto nonetheless).

    The show was pretty fun. Pace got on my nerves a bit at times, since I don’t think this is the kind of series that really needs to set a slowly unfolding place (unlike, say, Shiki), but the good parts were enough to justify watching each week.

      1. Super zombies were tough. I wonder if they’ll give us some zombie diversity in the next season.

        @Shinmaru The pace didn’t bother me too much. I thought they kept the lulls to a minimum, and the fanservice typically made up for those quiet moments.

  2. yeah in a manga scene for this episode it showed Miku and the other fallowers of shido escaping so shido and his gang are gonna appear soon enough

    crazy bitch with cleaver i originaly though that she was a transexual male (yeah wierd)

  3. Wow I thought it was a great finale. A bit short, but definitely something that’ll make me die for a season 2! I heard there is an extra episode coming out in the spring, but i have no idea what its gonna be about. Otherwise, i totally agree with you on the awkward moment when Saya’s mom is so much hotter than Saya. No i’m not a MILF hunter, but…serious….Yuriko=MILF. XD…anyways i just can’t wait for a season 2!!! Hopefully you’ll keep on commenting about it!

  4. Lot to say but in a few words awesome last episode.

    Way to show how an anime can have fanservice and not lack on quality, the good kind I mean. HOTD and Madhouse did it right. I was pleased with the final episode it had a right amount of action and didn’t forget the fanservice. I actually think they managed to include it in an even better way in the last ep.

    Second season we’re waiting for you!

    1. SAME HERE~!
      Its not often u see anime that has both great fanservice and plot! I know another series called Sekirei, has superb fanservice, but terrible plot. I think HOTD was able to just pull enough away from the ecchi genre, but still provided enough to satisfy the shounen audience! I know a couple of girls who liked this show about as much as i did and they didn’t even mention the abundance of fanservice! See, if girls watch, that means the plot must be somewhat good?! Well anyways, season 2 i’m looking for you!

    2. The genius of Madhouse’s fanservice cannot be understated. HOTD is sort of like Strike Witches in that it had innovating fanservice. But unlike SW, HOTD’s action and story was about a million times more interesting.

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