Heroman 20 Back to Your Previously Scheduled Episodic Blogging!

Episode 20’s opening scene is very chilling. We watch a father reassure his daughter that everything will be okay, only for her to have to watch him be kidnapped by an alien. I felt so bad for the little girl.

Cut forward to Joey, Psy, and Denton. As Joey and Psy must never read a newspaper or watch the news or anything, Denton once again has to fill them in on what’s going on. This time, there’s been a string of kidnappings involving livestock, and now people. He’s a bit of a jerk to them before leaving them on their own to walk back into town, and that’s the last we see of him.

What a jerk.

It’s actually feels a bit like karma that he gets kidnapped. Still, Joey and Psy care about the guy no matter what how much free child labor he gets out of them, and rope Holly into helping find out what happened to him. Even though it seems like a complete farce of an investigation, complete with ridiculous costumes, Holly manages to turn up info.

Stan Lee gets the best lines in everything.

However the crossdressing boys were just horrible. Sticking boys in girls clothes do not equal instant giggles. My intial reaction was horror. Especially at seeing Psy.  He even pulls the apples being used to imitate boobies out and offers them as a gift to the girl in the hospital…that is really gross. No one wants an apple that’s been sweated on and gotten friendly with chest hair.

This image is forever burned in my mind. This is what I go through to be a good blogger. *sob* IS IT WORTH IT?

In the end, Holly successfully leads the boys to where the kidnapping took place…only for them to be attacked by a Skrugg, and then Holly kidnapped by a human. Dun dun dun.

While a lot of the episode was goofy, there were elements of this episode I really liked. The opening scene was honestly powerful. There were some others that developed the characters a little more, such as Lina and her father. In that moment, they moved beyond the love interest and gruff father to a broken family trying to cope with the loss of a son. There was when Holly snapped at Psy. We could see Holly was more then protective then Joey, but that she had to do everything she could to protect him because she’d be completely lost without him. Having these touches of character development coming in this late is strange, but better late then never.

I’m happy that Hughes is back…as long as we don’t see him dressed as a women.

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