Heroman 21 In Which We Finally Learn About Will’s Leg

In the first half, the boys get government assistance and find that there’s something going on in the mine. Although, the only one thing of real importance happens in the first half, that being we finally find out how Psy hurt his leg.

It turns out to be a permanent injury from a football game in which a combination of Psy’s arrogance, a bad pass from Will, and a player who should have known better caused, well, I don’t know what exactly, but he supposedly has no feeling below his knee. The story tells a lot about Will’s character, as well as the fact that Psy has grown up a lot. Although one can’t help but wonder, why did we have to wait so long to find out? The producer of the series…is weird. It’s sad really, if this series had been under a more competent director, it could have been amazing.

Man, I want to be Hughes, and have a bunch of spotlights wherever I go.

The second half of the episode had many great scenes. First was the reunion of Joey and Holly. While they’ve been separated for only half an episode, their joy at being reunited was honestly touching.

There was also the sheer creepy factor of this episode. The Skrugg have definitely gotten scarier then we first saw them. It wasn’t just the egg cases, or whatever those were supposed to be. The killer cow alien was pretty damn scary. The dog wasn’t any better.

Moo? If I wasn’t sure of Joey’s stupidity a long time ago, I’d be bothered it took him so long to figure out it wasn’t Will.

The scenes with Psy escaping, while I understood what was going on, the execution was weird. As said before, this producer is weird. And he’s developing a crush on Holly? Sudden, but okay.

Psy, STILL not having gotten enough attention this episode, decides to pass out. Why you gotta be a drama queen Psy?

Still, the characterization in this series that was stronger in the last episode is remaining strong. Definitely a good thing, as that was the area this series was really weak in. Let’s see how long they can keep it up.

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