Heroman 23 and 24 Almost at the end

I decided to write 23 and 24 into one post, as my 23 download didn’t work, so I had to watch it on Cruchyroll, which doesn’t make for easy screencaping.

Nothing makes sense anymore either.

So, 23, what happened was expected, although I felt the return of the plants was really random and didn’t fit very well.  Seriously, they destroyed the core. How is even alive? Yet all the show gives us, it “Heeeeeey guys, the plant is related to the Skrugg.” and it’s back, alive and healthy as ever. I really want to take the finale seriously enough to enjoy it, but the plants just don’t work for me. And then this huge Skrugg base/monster rises up for no reason. Seriously. What the heck is going on here? While my head was still hurting, it turns out the sphere’s now float. If they could float, why didn’t they in the first place?

Pictures from my trip to Washington D.C.

Also, it’s not complicated or deep, but I still really like the relationship between Joey and Hughes. Heck, I love Hughes. It’s too bad he spends most his time on stand-by. He does provide on the spot support though.

I can’t believe the reporters from earlier as back as well. They must love to live on the edge of danger or, more likely, are just idiots. The confrontation between Keisha and Hughes was pretty cool. Keisha may be an idiot, but she’s a ballsy idiot. Not even Hughes can makes her back off. Oh, and she shows the world Joey is the one behind Heroman. Busted.

I did like how they attempted to have Denton and the gang do something to help Joey and Heroman rather then stand around helplessly. After all, saving the world isn’t a one man job.

And Krogorr’s back. Big deal. He went down once, and that was when Heroman was far weaker, he should go down easily. He won’t, but he doesn’t make sense as a final villian. I’m seriously so disappointed I’m kinda angry right now. This ending totally has this ‘pulled out of someone’s butt and shoddily put together with no thought behind it’ feel, after building up to an at least decent and probably cool ending.

Maybe it isn’t. Maybe this is some rip-off of Heroman that just happens to be really bad. Yeah, that’s it…

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