Heroman 25 + 26 I finished Heroman. Thank Goodness.

Heroman is now finished! The ending didn’t make too much sense, but it was pretty dang intense.

Krogorr claims to be stronger now, though who knows why. He does get power from the sped up sphere, but, uh, I don’t know why he was bragging before. He is just as annoying as ever.

Anywho, Krogorr wakes up with the muchies, and starts eating like crazy, eventually trying to eat energy or something out of the molten in the earth’s core.

Meanwhile, Joey, Will who appears again, and Heroman team up to take on Krogorr. Krogorr turns around and kills Heroman. Although he gets better. Gotta love the way Marvel characters do that. He takes awhile to get better.

Until Heroman recovers, Joey decides to take on Krogarr, and starts glowing red for no reason. He decides to sacrifice himself, but then Heroman gets better and stops him.

After that is this long scene of first Holly and Lina, then Psy and Denton telling Joey that they’d rather the world ended then Joey died. Then Joey and Heroman turn around and squash Krogorr.

If there’s one thing I really annoyed about in the ending, it’s the way Will was treated. He fell away, and that’s it. I know its set up so Will can come back if there’s a second season, but I felt he deserved better. An actual death scene or something better. He was a good guy, and of everything in the series, he suffered the worst, and lost the most. Also, Will looked much more snazzy as a Skurgg then as a human. I feel guilty for thinking this, but dangit, he looks cool.

After all this, everyone gets a happy ending. Even me. I don’t have to blog this anymore. Things are laid out for a second season but if there’s one, I won’t be watching. Yes, I was a little bummed by the ending because A) it’s been shown before that when this series tries, it’s really damn good and B) it didn’t make much sense. I’ll be doing a review on my blog, but to sum it up, it’s probably going to be about how Heroman really needed a different producer as the few episodes where someone else did it, or this one really tried proved it could work. The heart just wasn’t there for this work.

As I stopped caring 10 episodes ago, at this point I’m just burned out and exhausted. Never. Will. Blog. Mecha. Again. I don’t think I’ve ever ended up resenting a series so much before. Don’t get me on-board for a series for 26 episodes  just to have a nonsense ending pulled out of someone’s butt. Ugh. I think I even hate anime right now. I’m going to bed.

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