K-On 25 The Infamous Extra Episodes

With the story of K-On over, we’re into the extra episodes. This episode of K-On was flat out silly, and really, a lot of fun. I ended up laughing a lot. I’m not quite sure when it takes place, but looking at Yui’s haircut, it must be between the yearbook photos and graduation


After Azusa comes across a promotion video from the light music club’s first year, the girls immediately decide to make another one for the next year. Hence the girls and Sawako start coming up with ridiculous ideas for the videos.

My personal favorite was the movie trailer. There were some fabulous images in there.


Sexy Sawako

I also liked the mystery trailer and doing it from Ton-chan’s point of view. Although, I do admit, I had no idea what they referencing with the Ton-chan one.

Finally, Azusa comes up with the idea of a mix of interviews, their performances, and just going about every day life. My favorite part of this half was when all the other characters of K-On were interviewed for the video. We got to see the Occult club again, as well all sorts of appearances and fun little jokes.

I just realized. Her hair reminds me of the archers in Disgaea.


In the end, it was all good fun. Having such a simple silly episode I feel worked very well after the very emotional finale.


I keep thinking John Lennon...

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