Bakuman First Impressions: First Love

One of the surefire, no-brainer shows airs. Worth the watch?


Judging by some of the reactions, I wasn’t the only one who thought "troll?" Thankfully, it was a well-intentioned troll.


A lot of Bakuman’s appeal so far is that it feels very real like Scamp mentions. It’s not quite as romantic as Honey and Clover, for example, but things like Mashiro’s unrequited crush and the doorbell scene are just very relatable, especially for guys. Actually, so far it’s playing out like the guy version of a shoujo (shounenjo?).


It’s a bit odd for me hearing Satoshi Hino using such a deep, masculine voice. I’m too used to him sounding like a pussy like Yuuji, or an M-guy like Saito. Still, I do like him in this role and thought he did a really nice job as the ambitious Takagi. I guess he’ll be the Morita of the show. I wouldn’t mind having had a friend like him back in the day. Could’ve used a kick in the ass. lol, still can.


There was something very real about Mashiro’s memories of his late uncle. And with Mashiro gushing information about how hard it is to be a successful mangaka, I couldn’t help but think that Obata might’ve intended for the story to be slightly autobiographical. I also liked that Mashiro suspected his uncle of committing suicide, because of his failings. It just adds impact to the "reality" of the mangaka world. If you didn’t know, it should be clear now, becoming a successful mangaka is only slightly more likely than winning the lottery.


Still, you gotta try. And when you’re finding yourself standing outside the house of the girl you like, talking to her for the first time, and you need to make something up, something cool to say. Well, you can’t go wrong by presenting yourself as a creator.


I thought Azuki was voiced by Kana Hanazawa for a moment, then I found out it was Saori Hayami, who’s been pretty busy this season with lead roles in Sora no Oto and Star Driver. I had a bad impression of her, because I hated Saki so much from Eden of the East, but apparently I’ve liked her in all her other roles. I wonder if we’ll see her story at all and the difficulties of becoming a successful seiyuu.






S-s-she was just too cute! You ever see someone that you just wanted to squeeze because they looked really adorable? Or maybe you were so stunned by their beauty you just had to say something? But were too afraid to? Or at least you thought you were, except the next thing you know, some strange force is pulling the words right out of your mouth?


Taking a break from reality however are the faces of success. She accepts your random marriage proposal?! Yatta!


But you can’t see her until you both achieve your dreams. Wait. Wuh? Am I stuck in some John Cusack movie or something?



Bakuman is good. Watch it. That is all I have to say.

6 Replies to “Bakuman First Impressions: First Love”

  1. I agree, Bakuman is awesome. As is our editor for that show, who is a very big fan of the manga. Lots of love going into this one. 🙂

    I made the biggest IRL facepalm when he blurted out the marriage thing. WHAT ARE YOU SAYING, YOU IDIOT!?! Bah! I suppose it’s understandable, though, since he was thinking about his uncle’s life at that moment and how he had a leg up on him already. Whatever. Lookin’ forward to the second episode.

    1. Nice, got the A team eh? 😀

      That scene was the funniest thing I’ve seen in ages. Their reactions were perfect though. I think my jaw dropped the same way Takagi’s did, and I felt just as embarrassed for Mashiro.

  2. Lol at ‘shounenjo’.

    I wonder if we’ll see her story at all and the difficulties of becoming a successful seiyuu.

    I sincerely hope so. Not that that wouldn’t be extremely interesting in itself, but because I don’t want her to just be a bit of eye candy for the boys. Though the boys seem like pretty strong characters so far. In short, not a bad first epi (I’m unfamiliar with the manga and I doubt that this fact will change), so I’ll wait for the second one before I decide whether or not it’s my cup of tea…

    1. Hmm, I felt like I responded to this, but maybe I’m confusing this with a tweeting with EO who seemed mixed on Bakuman just like you. It seems like the nostalgia factor had to be strong to win people over. Perhaps the second episode will be more telling.

  3. I’m lovin’ all the newbie (as in, peeps who haven’t read the manga) reviews of the first ep, because my first impressions of the manga are about the same as yours to the anime. It’s a nostalgic feeling~! (Oh and thanks for that “Troll” link, haha!)

    I wonder if we’ll see her story at all and the difficulties of becoming a successful seiyuu.

    Hmm, they could definitely go that route, seeing that they’ve totally ignored it in the manga. Well, there are a few pages here and there, but ultimately the main focus is Mashiro/Takagi. I could see it as an extra, though. Actually, I’d love to see it as an extra!

    You ever see someone that you just wanted to SQUEEZE because they looked really adorable?


    Oh man, “Our Princess is in another castle” is right, more cockblocking to come, haha! *CRICKEEEEEEEEEET*…



      So how do you like the manga, do you think the story gets better as it goes along?

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