First impressions: Iron Man + Bakuman

Iron Man


vlcsnap-00005 vlcsnap-00006First things first, the absolute stand-out aspect of Iron Man was its kickass background music. It completely suits the mood of both the show and of Tony Stark’s character, and it’s great to listen to. Usually I don’t really notice the BGM when watching anime but when Iron Man started with a hard-rock opening, it was the music that got me hooked. I was dodgy on the style of animation in the trailers but while the characters are all rather ugly it suits the action scenes; the Iron Mans were definitely the best looking animations of the episodes and I’m already psyched for some more fights. I’m a bit disappointed there doesn’t appear to be any marked differences between the Americans and the Japanese, but I’ve seen a number of series where the foreigners in it look horrible, so it’s the lesser of two evils.

But seriously, the bad guy was just plain lame. Scorpio of the Zodiacs? If they theme name the bad guys by the Zodiac, does that mean that Tony’s going to fight a weighing scales? Not to mention a virgin, who he’d probably lose to anyway. Come on, they could have at least used something a little less cliche.



vlcsnap-00001 vlcsnap-00002

So girls, what would you do if the quiet, sensitive, artistic guy that you had a crush on but had never really talked to randomly came to your door one night, said that he was becoming a manga artist and proposed to you? Myself, I think I’d quite like it.

Anyway, about the episode, it was pretty much what I expected it to be like; down to earth, yet awesome. The best part by far was the two main guys. They really are just two ordinary guys with their own outlooks and attitudes, like we all are, but in only one episode they already have enough of a personality to be two very distinct people, something which several other main characters couldn’t manage in a full series. There’s a great repartee going on between Mashiro and Takagi, and the scene with the two of them by the girl’s doorbell was both comedic gold and something that I bet we’ve all experienced in some form. In fact, I act a bit like that when I’m talking to anyone I don’t know well.

It makes sense for Bakuman to have anime and manga shout-outs, since this is about manga and all, but I hope they don’t go too overboard and/or start referencing obscure works no one’s heard of. Still, I am guilty of pausing the video to read the manga on Mashiro’s shelf.

5 Replies to “First impressions: Iron Man + Bakuman”

  1. …Myself, I think I’d quite like it.

    Well, I’d be lying if I said I disagreed with you. However, I doubt I’d accept! I thought that was, quite frankly, pretty stupid. Aside from that, it was a fun, gently-paced first epi, though, as I said to RP-san, I’ll happilly wait for the next epi before I decide if Bakuman‘s a keeper for me…

    Re: Iron Man, Scamp and the ugly character designs put me off from even checking it out, however I did really like the first movie and now that I’ve read your thoughts… decisions decisions…

    1. The acceptance was indeed silly and pretty unexpected, but I thought it came at a high price. We can’t see each other until we achieve our dreams. Either that’s the most inspirational words ever or the most backhanded way to reject someone. 😛

  2. Hmm, both RP and Libera blogging Bakuman? Gattai-posts? =3

    Myself, I think I’d quite like it.

    I’d definitely love it! Who wouldn’t want a proposal like that? I mean, we all want a little attention here and there, right? 😉

    The manga shout-outs

    Yeah, they’re not as intrusive as I’d thought they’d be, though I can understand if they go overboard with it.

    Either that’s the most inspirational words ever or the most backhanded way to reject someone.

    LMAO!! Oh RP 8)

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