K-On!! 26 It’s Sorta Of Over

And now the second season of the unexpected hit, K-On! draws to a close. It was a mostly low-key episode with the girls being concerned about yearbook photos and taking care of their sick teacher. Yet there were many subtle touching moments.

One of those was the girls standing on Sawako’s balcony watching the sunset. There was the obvious double meaning to this, what with the sunset being when the day ends, the girls’ high school year being over, and this being the last episode. Yet at the same time, it was a beautiful scene, seeing the four of them standing there staring out at the sky.

Then there was Yui not opening the door to the music room. This happened right after Sawako told the girls that the light music club would continue. Yui starts to open the door, and hearing Azusa giving directions, doesn’t open the door. Yui has come to the realization that this is no longer her club, but now is in the hands of Azusa, and she can’t just barge in like she use be able to. What adds to the moment is the fact is this is a very mature recognition on the end of Yui, who is the least mature member of the group. In the end, she turns and leaves the light music club behind along with the rest of the girls without ever opening the door.

The ending moment of doing one last thing that they did in the past and then flashing back to that was cute, and a good note to end K-On on.

Thus, the series draws to an end. K-On!! is and isn’t over, as there is a movie in the works. Thank-you with sticking with me for blogging both this and Heroman this season. For the fall season, I will be doing Psychic Detective Yakumo.

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