Star Driver episode 1

The first episode of Star Driver was… an amalgamation of concepts fed into a FABULOUS machine and painted by a very artistic whirlwind.

Pretty hand picture I can't come up with an amusing caption for. I've got a life too, you know. Unlike people who watch the X Factor. Super FABULOUS Transformation sequence GO!

At first, Takuto seems to be the only really flamboyant thing in this episode, but then we get to the bad guys and their questionable outfits and over the top getting-into-the-robot sequence (it wasn’t a transformation, all that guy did was climb into the robot and turn it on). Then Takuto hits the scene and we get this:

Obligatory FABULOUS picture

What happened to giant robots being the epitome of manliness? It was only three years ago when mecha were powered by manly energy but now their testosterone fuelled powerhouses have been overthrown by the powers of FABULOUS. Only the campest mecha will reign supreme. So obviously our new friend Galactic Pretty Boy is going to be kicking some collective ass while his pilot looks FABULOUS in his coat that billows around when he’s inside a bubble with no possible wind currents.

Seriously, look at his coat Stage 3=FABULOUS coat

I actually really enjoyed the last quarter of the episodes, not least because of the truly stellar animation. The colour isn’t exactly realistic but this isn’t the show for realism, it’s the show for awesome mecha fights. And it was an awesome fight, yet also easy to follow, even when I was still giggling over the ridiculousness of the name ‘Galactic Pretty Boy’, which admittedly does sound a bit better if you call him Galactic Bishounen, or Ginga Bishounen. And look at that mecha. What name could you give it other than Galactic Pretty Boy?

Pressing matters in our hero's daily life Most people would say "Oh no, I forgot my pliers!"

I liked Takuto’s over-the-top character, he was great to laugh at throughout. He seems to have some motive, something to do with his dad that some guy in the evil group knows about in some form or other. There’s also his grandpa, who I’m guessing was his teacher or mentor or something. I’m interested in his backstory, but I’m far more interested in seeing him do more FABULOUS stuff, which can be anything as long as Takuto’s doing it. He’s the only character this season who’s name I can remember without looking it up. Then there was this maiden who’s power is to get captured or get naked or something. She exists too.

7 Replies to “Star Driver episode 1”

      1. No I’m not getting you that for your 18th birthday. You’re getting whatever Gundam series is cheapest on Amazon and you will like it

    1. Just looking at the pictures makes me start laughing. Just thinking about Star Driver makes me start laughing, which earned me some strange looks in school today.

  1. I liked Takuto’s over-the-top character…

    …and Mamoru Miyano hamming it up again. FAB-U-LOUS [*said while click, click, clicking fingers and bopping head side to side*] indeed.

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