First impressions: Yosuga no Sora + Psychic Detective Yakumo

Yosuga no Sora

In any other anime, this scene would count as humour Hear that sound? That's me throwing up in the background.

Despite my previous decision on Yosuga no Sora, I ended up downloading the episode simply because it was there, while having the feeling that I was soon going to regret it. I was too right for my own good. That was one of the most dire first episodes I’ve seen in a long time. It wasn’t the genericness of the plot, or the multitudes of stereotypical females, or the ever-present bouncing boobs, though they didn’t help. It wasn’t even because of the wimpiness of the main guy, or the constant blushing in every conceivable situation, though that didn’t help either. What really turned me off Yosuga no Sora was the twincest. That girl is like a crazy stalker, and he’s all but encouraging her. Add in similar vibes between the other characters and we come out with a pile of something I really don’t want to watch.

Psychic Detective Yakumo

Wot, no complicated plot? Hi, here's some Detective Conan mangas. Unlike me, they don't suck.

For something coming out of Bee Train, Psychic Detective Yakumo was far shallower than I expected it to be. There wasn’t a single hint of a far-reaching plot, until the very end of the episode it seemed like the format of this show was doomed to be Yakumo solving a mystery every episode with the help of his newly acquired female companion. A complicated plot better kick in soon, because the two main characters have yet to impress me and their interaction come across as far too forced. Yakumo went straight from asking the girl for money to helping her unconditionally, and then pulls out all the answers in a horribly unconvincing manner. In fact, the whole mystery part of the episode felt forced; some guy kills girls for an unknown reason, then tells another girl irrelevant stuff (to him) about the situation entirely out of the blue, and then he gets defeated because he got freaked out by the guy who’s eye looked a little strange.

If Psychic Detective Yakumo stays a straight mystery show then I’ll have to drop it and start reading Detective Conan again, because as far as mysteries go, this has a lot to work on. But if it builds up a series-spanning plot from this, like what Spiral did for example, I’ll be sticking around.

5 Replies to “First impressions: Yosuga no Sora + Psychic Detective Yakumo”

  1. Like I have said, Yosuga no Sora is a rather generic visual novel adaptation with off the mill characters, story and yeah… The animation is nice, but the eroticism at the end is like wtf. I’m very unsure if I would continue or not. I have to watch the next two episodes to find out. :/

  2. Re: Yakumo, I liked the vibe of the show (episodic mystery shows plus meta-creepass plot thrown in ftw) and the two leads and I didn’t have a prob with how close they’ve gotten already. I just assumed that Yakumo realised she was next on the hit list and thus it would be as good as killing her himself if he didn’t keep an eye on her.

    Plus he’s smexy as hell. 😀

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