Psychic Dectective Yakumo 1 And So I Start This Ritual of Pain and Suffering Once Again

I was interestingly enough drawn into Psychic Detective Yakumo almost immediately, despite the lackluster nature of the first episode. I don’t know why, whether it was the subject matter or the tone, or the potential that was lurking under the surface. The story of the first episode of Psychic Dectective Yakumo was merely a device to introduce our cast of good guys.

They want to say good morning!

This might have worked if the characters were that interesting, but currently they weren’t. Yakumo was our cold and aloof dectective that isn’t completely heartless. I hope to see Haruka improve as a character, as right now she’s just an annoying character that is present for the Yakumo to explain things to. Yet even in the first episode, she started to grow and change, so I’m not giving up on her. The other guys weren’t actually on screen long enough to show more then that Yakumo has a detective and forensic guy at his disposal.

Still, I thought the show took a dramatic turn for the better when we learned about the fate of Haruka’s sister and saw the two reunited. The quality I saw there is the quality I’m expecting from the rest of the series. I just hope I get lucky. Bee Train doesn’t always have the best starts, so I’m thinking things will be okay. Also, the background music was very nice. I don’t usually notice it, but I did here.

But if this ends up as another disappointment, then I think I’ll check out the manga, as I really liked the premise.

On a side note, I checked up the MyAnimeList forum to see how the manga compared to this. If I see someone talk about how Yakumo is so cute one more time and they’ve claimed him one more time…let’s not go to MyAnimeList forums again. Tis a silly place.

4 Replies to “Psychic Dectective Yakumo 1 And So I Start This Ritual of Pain and Suffering Once Again”

  1. I didn’t find Haruka annoying at all, so hopefully she’ll be a welcome addition to the clearly still very exclusive strong female leads club. Yakumo was a satisfyingly aloof psychic bishie lead, so that quota is more than met. And yes, hopefully the rest of the good guy gang will play a bigger role soon, and provide us with some more things to chew over…

  2. The first episode was nice, but a bit slow and some of the characters actions felt plasticky? As for the manga, I have read it, and I enjoyed it a good deal. A warning: The manga does not follow the trend of other spirit related mangas, by that I mean, it actually deals with death (other’s just presume spirits exist). People die in the manga, and they die frequently. This manga is a pretty damn good study in death, regret, and the reactions to the above two themes. Well, maybe I am just sprouting nonsense, I don’t remember much, nonetheless, it was a pretty good first episode.

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