Shinryaku! Ika Musume is the best show this season

Well, no… I just said that to get your attention. So far Bakuman is. And I think Kuragehime is the last show standing with the chance to unseat it. BUT Shinryaku is megas kawaii, and worth watching if you don’t have terribly high expectations.

She had me at toast.

So What would I compare Shinryaku to? Actually, the show that comes to mind oddly is Nagasarete Airantou. I mean they’re completely different in that one’s a prototypical harem comedy and Shinryaku is not, but I get the same vibes because they both have that random humor, they’re both oddly “average” but still compelling for some reason.


Ika-Musume, or Squid Girl, is not the brightest squid in the sea it seems. Whether part of that is your moe dojikko-ness shining through, or just her naiveté, being out on land for the first time, it was amusing to see her getting accidentally wrapped up  in a waitressing job, or making friends with her shabbily dressed comrade. I guess there’s a dumb innocence to her that’s really inviting.


And while most of the show is sort of amusing, but not LOL-worthy, the scene where Ika-Musume’s cries for a fallen comrade gets my vote as the second funniest moment of the season so far, behind the Bakuman confession.  To some, her stupidity’s will be the epitome of obnoxiousness, but I actually like it a lot. And the way she adds her “genso”(?) suffix whether she’s apologizing for breaking a glass or vowing to take over the world, just adds to her adorableness.

*Looks around shadily. Raises hand slowly*

What’s nice about Shinryaku is that it looks like it’ll be broken up into 2 or 3 distinct parts for each episode. I love when gag comedies do this (and that’s what this show basically is. Judging by how nonchalant everyone was about Ika-Musume being a squid, I don’t think her plans to take over the world will be much more of an ongoing plotline than it was in Pinky and the Brain), because it means if one part sucks, you just move to the next. It also helps the comedy move faster, where you can just come in with rapid fire jokes and gags and not have to worry about petering out, since you know you get a clean slate within 7 or 8 minutes,

Honestly, I had no idea squid ink spaghetti even existed until I saw this. Ironically enough, this show has made me smarter. What else will I learn from Ika-Musume!?

So worth the watch? Yeah, totally. You’ll see the screenshots and you’ll know off the bat that you’ll like it or hate it.

10 Replies to “Shinryaku! Ika Musume is the best show this season”

  1. I think it’s “geso”, I don’t hear the ‘n’ in there ^_^ But your title and the claim isn’t too far off, lol. I’m really liking Ika Musume. As for comparisons… This is basically the moe girl version of Keroro Gunsou. Keroro Gunsou basically wants to invade earth, but since he’s so clumsy he gets captured by the Hinata family who puts him to work to do house chores. And to top it off, the eldest in the family, Mama Hinata, has been claimed to be the strongest in the household… Just like Chizuru!

    Oops… Did I write too much? >.>

  2. you’re probably right about geso. I couldn’t tell, sometimes I just heard the “so” other times I heard both. I don’t know whether I actually heard an n or not.

    Ah man! I would totally watch Keroro if it I wasn’t intimidated by its 7,000 episodes or whatever it’s on now.

  3. I guess she was really pissed off because of the BP Oil Spill. Oh well, she is very cute anyway. The ending was pretty funny as well. I think this show is going to be a rather enjoyable one after this first episode (Ore no Imouto gave the same effect).

  4. The oldest sister being really lax and kind but then turning really out to be a intimidating character really reeled me into the show at the end :d

  5. I came into this with hopes of it being a light comedy series. I got a light comedy series. I am satisfied, and I’ll probably be watching this every week.

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