First Impressions are still good: Index 2 + Togainu no Chi

To aru majutsu no Index 2

Hey, I'm trying to look tough with a cat on my shoulder here! So Index... do you know what Hamlet's soliloquy means?

Was Index always this intense? The episode started off as casual and the writers being as mean to Touma as I remember, but after the kidnapping I was on the edge of my seat for the rest of the episode, except for when Sphinx ended up in the fish bin because I saw that coming miles off. And did Touma’s hand always make that cool sound? It’s definitely an improvement.

This was a good first episode, getting us back to the action straightaway while still reintroducing characters. I liked Touma as much as I did before, his justified pessimism towards life is surprisingly fun to watch. His homework problems in particular feel very close to home, if some dude with a crossbow destroyed my homework I’d probably try to punch his lights out too. Not too certain on Mikoto, I don’t remember her being this dere-dere at the end of Index 1. If it’s a Railgun thing, I’m just going to ignore it, just like everything else from Railgun that may show up in the future (I think Railgun sucks, though I still like Mikoto).

Index always had the potential for a good plot, and the mysterious going-ons at the end of the episode may mean a plot is on its way. If Index keeps its current level of intensity and adds a good plot, then it’ll be well worth it.

Togainu no Chi

Stupid couple Cool couple, with pretty eyes

Homoerotic vibes be damned, I want to see more interaction between the two guys at the end, though that wimpy looking guy in the middle can get lost for all I care. Togainu no Chi was a tad lacklustre at the start but from the minute Akira entered Toshima, the whole setting and the creepy as hell background music had me seriously tense when all he was doing was walking through the deserted town. Then the fight started, with some freakish guys hyped up on drugs that are possibly the worst welcoming committee you could ever meet, then there was the blood fest. The episode certainly finished on a high note, of sorts.

My experiences with the yaoi genre isn’t large but I’m certain this isn’t the first time I’ve seen some sort of reference to ‘beautiful eyes’. Didn’t Gauron say that to Sousuke in Full Metal Panic? Is it some kind of staple in the yaoi genre, since they can’t go for the boobs like straight guys do? Just a thought.

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