Star Driver episode 2

I don’t usually begrudge the fact that I’m the only girl I know that watches anime, but I really wish I could have watched that last episode with another girl, if only so next time I see a hot guy, I could nudge her and say “Hey, do you think he minds glass?” I’ll just have to think it to myself instead.

I like pictures like this. It's an artistic thing, please don't judge me.

One thing that should have been really obvious from the get-go, but that I’ve only noticed now, is that Takuto isn’t actually romantically experienced. He isn’t nervous around girls or anything but he says he’s never been kissed arriving on the island, which brings us to the inevitable conclusion that the guy who’s official title is ‘Pretty Boy’ has never had a girlfriend, despite looking like that. It comes across in his attitude to, he acts pretty much the same around Wako as he does around Sugata and anyone else he’s talked to, not to mention he was perfectly ok with baring his chest showing his Cybody glowy mark thing in a room mainly populated by girls. It was most likely the president who asked him to as well, though unlike the maids from before, she didn’t show that much interest.

Takuto: the only guy outside of Kiriboshi seen in normal clothes Aren't we all, ladies?

On the other hand, Takuto is aware of romance at least, though so far in the series he hasn’t had a positive romantic encounter yet (while conscious). The girl behind him was engaging in some pretty weird kissing flirting activities, then his RA accosts him in the baths, which was just odd even if there was an ulterior motive of sorts behind it. And there’s also that guy on the Kiriboshi’s side who I think thinks that Takuto fell in love with Sugata of all people, or he’s referring to something else that fell in live with Sugata, this ‘ultimate Cybody’ that the president mentioned, maybe. I doubt Takuto swings that way myself, I bet that he hasn’t got a girlfriend yet because he spent all his time training or learning random bits of advice from his grandpa and never got out the house, which is maybe why he can say “Galactic Pretty Boy” when referring to himself with a straight face, he hasn’t had the full extent of the suitability of the name spelt out to him by girls yet. If he didn’t get out much, he’ll have no idea that most guys are butt-ugly compared to him.

The man who puts the glitter in Glittering Star. Who thought that that great man would ever lose? Just your usual conversation between if!

Takuto also seems to come across hidden members of Kiriboshi at every possible moment. Seriously, any character that Takuto meets that we haven’t seen before or isn’t in the company of Wako turns out to be a member of Kiriboshi. It’s like Takuto has a condition, a deadly disease suffered by bishounens that causes everyone they meet to turn themselves against them in some form or other (Lelouch probably had it too). It’s deadly force can only be annulled by the purifying aura of a maiden with a glowing mark on her chest. (Which explains why Lelouch never got a break. Glowing head marks don’t count.)

Kiriboshi, the most ridiculous salute since Sky Island (yay One Piece reference). Member of Kiriboshi? No wait, the fox likes him, can't be.

Now the plot. Bit early to set the scenario in stone but the main conflict seems to be the Glittering Stars versus the Drama Club. Which of course is taken incredibly seriously by both sides. The idea about Cybodies and their ability to only move in Zero Time is pretty novel, reminds me of the seals from Shakugan no Shana, but why did they have to tell that to Takuto? He must have summoned his Cybody before this, he’s too used to it for it to be the first time, so why would he not know about that limit. If that was supposed to be exposition that was a stupid mistake, but maybe Takuto’s past training or abilities as the Pretty Boy have something to do with it.

Looking thoughtful, in love? Or just thinking of her next meal with anticipation? He's got a fair amount of facial expressions at least

Kiriboshi’s aim possibly is to build up the power of their Cybodies to the third stage that Takuto has already reached and maybe beyond. The Drama Club believes that they want to get Cybodies to move in real time in order to control all that economic military stuff, but what the Drama Club wants is as of now still unclear. They want to protect Wako and I think they have some kind of prejudice towards Star Drivers. It looks like all Star Drivers on the island are Kiriboshi members, who are horrible, ridiculous outfit wearing, fish girl imprisoning felons,  so Takuto being an outsider, a Star Driver and a nice guy wasn’t what the Drama Club was expecting. I’d guess that Star Drivers and Cybodies are a phenomenon  originating on the island, something to do with the Maidens resulting in this never-before seen power, while Kiriboshi members have tapped into this power, possibly with means that ought not to have been used, for nefarious evil stuff. And Takuto… hasn’t had his past explained yet so I dunno how he fits into this, or what’s up with the Galactic Pretty Boy title. There’s an  awful lot of hidden parts to this plot already, either Bones have a really complex setup going. or I’m reading too much into nonsense. Hopefully it’s the former, or else I’d feel like an idiot.

Fresh, flashy and FABULOUS!

Star Driver is flashy and fabulous and over the top but what really preoccupies me is that it’s different. Plenty of things turning up in the episode are stuff seen in anime everywhere but there are times when the air of the episode feels sort of unfamiliar. Star Driver has been compared to Utena, which I could immediately see because of the colour and flashiness, but it also compares in that Star Driver is also something new and different. I wasn’t finding Star Driver as entertaining on the surface as I found Otome Yokai Zakuro for example, but that’s because Zakuro plays the old drums to get its laughs, which is ok. Star Driver’s complete out of the ordinariness makes it harder to get into at the start, but if Bones can pull this off it could be a masterpiece.

3 Replies to “Star Driver episode 2”

  1. A combination of sailormoon’s Usagi tranformation gurly wise .. and definitely Utena … and bones mecha design ….

    it’s mystery and overall mecha action is making it very good ….

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