Fortune Arterial First Impressions

Talking things over with good ole’ RP, I’m going to check out three anime, and then choose one to blog. One of them was Psychic Detective Yakumo. The second choice should hopefully surprise a lot of people, as no one gave this much notice.

What I’m talking about is Fortune Arterial, the adaptation of the visual novel. It seems that this visual novel was once a big deal, at least to 2chan who rated it their number 1 ero game of 2008. While I’m sure the anime won’t be as good as the visual novel, while there is a live translation project, it’s still not finished. Not to mention, the first episode was pretty good, especially given the studios behind it. It also seems more appealing and less shoddy then Yosuga no Sora, although I can’t say that for sure.

One thing I really enjoyed was the character designs. The girls are adorable! Adorable girls are pretty much the norm these days, but the character designs go one step further, and make the guys pretty, and their character designs appealing as well. It’s nice to see some effort put into male character designs rather then a making girls the main attraction. Probably not as manly as some people would like, but I still appreciate the time and effort.

Personally, I think the guys are smoking!

I also enjoyed the background music a lot in the first episode.

It’s very hard to judge the story of a visual novel anime in the first episode as they tend to follow the same format that the introductions of visual novels do-that boring let’s introduce all the characters and the setting format. Yet one thing I noticed is that despite the clichés being there, they didn’t feel like clichés. It’s not that our main character doesn’t remember, it’s that he’s been so many places that it’s overloaded his memory, and he doesn’t remember his backstory too well. There are the childhood friends, but they’re not typical childhood friends, it’s been seven years, and they were only together for a short time, and so forth.

There's a lot of scenes, which taken out of context, are funny. I keep snickering through some of the dialouge.

One thing that does bother me—who chose the voice actors for the girls? It’s as if the looked for the worst pitches possible to do these girls. That may grate on my nerves, but if it’s a good anime, I should be able to stand it.

I do admit to being very interested how the supernatural stuff fits into this. Especially at the end of the first episode when it turns out he didn’t make it out of the church.

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