Bakuman, episode 3: History Repeats

Sorry this is late, been battling a cold for the past week. But anyway, it feels like Bakuman’s still finding itself right now. Moments of energy and spark are all too often killed by mundane scenes where nothing really happens. I hate to admit, but part of this has been director, Kenichi Kasai’s fault. There are just too many scenes that are flat and lack any sort of dynamic energy. Maybe some of this is attributable to the source material, but I feel like there’s more that Kasai could be doing with this.


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Star Driver episode 3

It’s three episodes into Star Driver and there isn’t a sign of any answers yet. At this early stage all we’re going to get is more questions. Regardless of that, nothing will stop anyone from theorising, and thee sure is a lot of theorising fodder sprinkled in the episodes, with all it’s weird imagery and befuddling and slightly creepy metaphors. I’m going to leave the more racy symbolism for others to interpret; I’m only here for the bishies and the mecha fights.

I stil like these artisitic looking photos. Maybe I'll try stick one at the top of every post if the episdoe shows one.

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