Bakuman, episode 3: History Repeats

Sorry this is late, been battling a cold for the past week. But anyway, it feels like Bakuman’s still finding itself right now. Moments of energy and spark are all too often killed by mundane scenes where nothing really happens. I hate to admit, but part of this has been director, Kenichi Kasai’s fault. There are just too many scenes that are flat and lack any sort of dynamic energy. Maybe some of this is attributable to the source material, but I feel like there’s more that Kasai could be doing with this.


When Takagi and Mashiro arrive at  Nobuhiro’s condo they find a treasure trove of old manga and figurines. I don’t know how condos work in Japan, but if they’re anything like they are in the US, Mashiro’s family must still be getting a crapload of royalties from his manga and anime work. That was a pretty nice sized studio. Not to mention all of the figurines and manga. Even if Nobuhiro was getting a company discount, I figure there must’ve been like $50K worth of figurines and manga in that place.


While looking back at all of Nobuhiro’s old work, Mashiro and Takagi come across a box of letters between him and his unrequited love… and find out that she’s actually Miho’s mom. Apparently not only is manga in your DNA, your romantic preferences are too.


Damn, the first thing I was thinking was Miho’s mom must’ve stole that crossdressing jellyfish’s wig from Kuragehime. Is it just me or does her hair look unnaturally humongous?


Mashiro and Takagi get the lowdown from Miho’s mom, the history of their letters, and the history of a love story gone terribly limp somewhere in the middle. But the whole time, I couldn’t help but think that this was an unusual coincidence of all this. I’m not sure if this is going to drive some sort of major subplot with Miyuki supporting the upstart mangakas behind the scenes while keeping it all a secret to her daughter, but I just didn’t see the whole point of all this. Who cares if Nobuhiro’s crush is of the same family as Mashiro’s? Who cares if Miyuki’s going to root for Mashiro and Takagi? Can’t we just see them start doing their own thing?

5 Replies to “Bakuman, episode 3: History Repeats”

  1. I don’t think the romance is the important thing in this show. The character dynamics between the two guys are much more entertaining to watch anyway.

    1. Yeah, gotta agree with you guys. I’m not feeling the romance at all. Even more so after the little lovey dovey scene in the latest episode.

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