Star Driver episode 3

It’s three episodes into Star Driver and there isn’t a sign of any answers yet. At this early stage all we’re going to get is more questions. Regardless of that, nothing will stop anyone from theorising, and thee sure is a lot of theorising fodder sprinkled in the episodes, with all it’s weird imagery and befuddling and slightly creepy metaphors. I’m going to leave the more racy symbolism for others to interpret; I’m only here for the bishies and the mecha fights.

I stil like these artisitic looking photos. Maybe I'll try stick one at the top of every post if the episdoe shows one.

What’s really been bugging me now for a while is: who is Takuto ,really, when you get right down to it? He’s obviously not normal, with the whole swimming to the island thing as well as being a Star Driver unlike any other one mentioned, but the strangest thing is the whole Galactic Bishounen thing. Both the members of Kiriboshi and Wako’s group all knew of the Galactic Bishounen’s existence but they didn’t know of Takuto before they saw he could move in zero-time. So how did they recognise it?

  See that sword? Takuto's a Jedi! And Tau radience = the Force. I'm certain this was in the last episode too. What does the fish girl do anyway?

So far, I’ve got two theories. One is that there is a sort of script or prophecy around where the members of Kiriboshi get all their info, on how to work Cybodies, how to upgrade and all that stuff, while also containing info on the obstacles they would face e.g. Galactic Bishounens. The rest of the island knows of this prophecy thingy as well, that’s why the Drama club knew their stuff and why there are shrine maidens established, they also know what they have to do. Possibly it’s something like the fairy tale in Princess Tutu that gives everyone their roles. The problem here is how does Takuto know what to do, and why would he want to be involved?

He's not yawning.  I'm like that every lunchtime, I get hungry too easily. Without the stars in the eyes, unfortunately.

My second theory is the one I support more. My guess is that this conflict involving Cybodies has either happened before or has been going on a long time, long enough for those first involved to have grown old and died. Kiriboshi’s info on Cybodies and what they have to do to upgrade and the like is from the dint of long research passes down for generations. And Takuto isn’t the first Galactic Bishounen, that title and Cybody is possibly a power passed down the Tsunashi family for generations!

Takuto’s grandpa was the Bishounen before him and the reason Takuto always knows what to do with a cry of “So that’s why, Grandpa!” is because he taught Takuto all he needs to know about being a pretty boy. This also helps explains why Takuto is coincidently a dual wielder when his Cybody turns out to have two swords. And with one final stretch of theorising, Takuto’s dad, who was vaguely alluded to by the Kiriboshi boss, has been captured by them because they believed he would become the next Galactic Bishounen, so in desperation, Takuto’s grandpa passed the power of prettiness to him (possibly causing that scar? Not a nice image) and sent him to the island to rescue his father, thus starting the plot.


And what about this picture? Has Takuto got siblings? They don’t look a thing like him if they are. Old friends? And why does he look so sad when he’s looking at it? I can’t come up with anything for this.

Yeah, I’m probably way far out here with all these theories but there’s too little concrete evidence at this point for anything else, and theorising is fun!

  It's the disco ball the zero-time. Party Time! Did I grow blond hair again?


Of course, Star Driver’s stand out part is its animation by far. It’s got the best mecha fight’s in a long time, not to mention the psychedelic background in zero-time.  One thing is annoying about the fights, the song the fish girl sings before the fights is nice and all but I keep getting the feeling it’s supposed to be the spiritual successor or Absolute Destiny Apocalypse from Revolutionary Girl Utena and to me it keeps suffering in comparison.

4 Replies to “Star Driver episode 3”

  1. I love theories and theorizing. There’s no way to know how far off you are until much later in the series, so good on you for making your theories public, and givingveveryone something to chew on.

  2. why the southern mikoto is a kidnapped character in this series… like there is 4 of them and they could just let her be defeated at the last part… well, they are not pushing back anyways.

    I wish pretty galactic boy has a mascot or sidekick… hahahah.

    Well, at the end star driver is still good… no denial.

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