The most unbelievable part about OreImo is…

SisCaly. Are you kidding me?


I’m not sure why I’m so offended, but the premise of such a vapid fighter really bothers me. So this is a battle between imoutos to send their opponent back to their… onii-chans? That doesn’t even begin to make a lick of sense. I know fighters have shoddy story, but this is just unacceptable. I was also offended that they kept replaying the same footage of Mikoto getting beat. You’re telling me that this game has only two fighters in it? Totally lame. It was in this moment where I thought they should’ve just laid off the siscon and gone with more standard otaku-fair, like BlazBlue. SisCaly was just too unbelievable for me. But otherwise, I thought the epi was really entertaining.


You know this was a hot scene, because it’s not really wincest. You know cuz everyone keeps saying Kyousuke doesn’t look like Kirino. When is the adoption announcement coming?


But the best part about the scene was Ayase’s mitten hands. So moe. The only way this scene could’ve been better would’ve been if Kirino and Kyousuke’s dad walked in on them and shoryuken’d Kyousuke into the next century.


Now while the Kirino scene was hot, this was better. Because KuroNeko, from her name to her nekomimi, is just way too cute. Plus, she can be as dismissive as Kirino is without being as nasty and vicious about it.


But Ayase is the hottest of them all.

13 Replies to “The most unbelievable part about OreImo is…”

  1. While I didn’t think much about the wincest scene first part, I think OreImo is trying to run through every possible Genshiken reference it can run through. Like how cosplay is sometimes passed as regular clothing, like how the cheapest form of character cosplay is nekomimi, and like how going to one of the most anticipated conventions is a must if you’re near Akihabara’s vicinity.It can only get better after going downhill on the first part, so I hope it follows through.

  2. (not attacking anyone but yea… Seriously? Offended by that game? 1. it is an anime 2. It is a fraking anime.

    I liked the series was funny and cute. Well aside from Kirino being a super otaku/siscon it isn’t to eechi. You want an anime with actual wincest in its plot(oreimo doesn’t have siblings attracted to each other) …crap forgot the name….Oniichanno Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki Janain Dakarane….maybe? *shrugs* …That anime is eechi as all hell and has a lot of pseudo wincestual content. If you can get past the eechi that anime isn’t all that bad…6.5 of 10…ehh…maybe 7 maximum. Anyway yea oreimo is an odd anime..doesn’t even crack my top ten..but still If you’ve nothing better to do and you’re not a super prude Mcdouchebag you should enjoy it.(last comment directed towards those who have yet to see oreimo.(I used a lot of ‘…’s sleep deprivation sucks)

  3. lol this an old post wonder if anyone still reads it… I found it while looking for images from a different anime that isn’t even in the same niche as oreimo. Interesting read though, except for the game part… No offense but that made you sound kind of pretentious.(yes I know I’ve no room to talk. Though you have to admit you had a bit of an over-reaction to it) I mean anime that uses eechi in place of plot pisses me off to no end. Fan service is cool and appreciated. Still I’ve only seen one series that I wouldn’t knock points off for being overly eechi and that is High School of the Dead. That anime was full up on fan service and eechiness, yet they managed to maintain a really good zombie story.

    1. lol, to be fair, the overreaction was intentional and meant to ironic, compared to the expected overreaction to the Kirino x Kyousuke scene. Perhaps something got lost in translation. In actuality, SisCaly didn’t really bother me. 🙂

  4. However, I’d actually play Siscaly.

    I seriously doubt it’d get tournaments and shit if it really existed, but it would be extremely entertaining to watch.

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