Fortune Arterial 2+3 Trudging Along

I have no idea in what format Fortune Arterial is adapting the anime from the Visual Novel. I’m guessing it’s mostly focusing on Erika’s route with a little bit of everyone else’s route thrown in, but I’m not entirely sure. It’s hard without knowing the plot of the visual novel. If someone wants to verify this, I’d be a great help.

Over the past two episodes, a great deal of time has been spent on watching the characters do silly little things, and establish who they are as characters. They’ve been entertaining enough, but I’m itchy to get to the story, and I don’t want to spend too much time on this.

This guy is giving Vice President a run for his money as 'The Most Suicidal Mascot'

The story itself is appropriately creepy. Erika’s brother just continues to get stranger and stranger. Really, the fact he is a vampire is the least odd thing about him. I’m really interested in the mystery and finding explanations for everything that’s going on, there just isn’t much time spent on it right now. Visual novel beginnings can be rough when they’re teases like this. At least when you get hyped up during a visual novel, you can start clicking super fast and get through all the boring parts. This, I just have to patiently wait.

I would not be surprised if the VN had a route with Erika's brother.

I did enjoy seeing how, while Erika tried to publicly humiliate our main character, it sorta backfired on her. Poor Erika, she lost her temper and did it on a whim without thinking of the consequences.

Also, I’m really glad our main character changed his mind about erasing his memories, especially when he made Erika cry. However, for considering it, he’s still pissed me off, and doesn’t deserve to be called by his name anymore until he becomes cooler. Bleh.

One Reply to “Fortune Arterial 2+3 Trudging Along”

  1. It is still too early to tell what route they will be taking for this anime adaption.
    I’m guessing that they will be taking Erika (normal ending) route due to the following reasons:
    1. “Akai Yakusoku” (sang by Lia and Veil) is one of the ending theme song for normal ending route (Erika or Kiriha?)
    2. The Erika (true ending) route will be too lengthy (note: manga adaption is doing a good job as they are covering all the events in detail)
    3. Akai Yakusoku (crimson promise) suits the ending for Erika (normal ending) route as
    Erika turn Kouhei into her ken-soku (eternal servant/blood bank)
    In the case of the true ending,
    Erika took the offer from her mother and revert back to a normal human being

    Well, it may turn out to be a Kiriha ending or an open ended series.

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