Bakuman, episode 2: Sexism Shmexism

Bakuman, sexist? Perhaps the series gets worse, but based on what I saw today? Meh, it seems like a big deal over nothing. Sexism is the objectification of women into objects of lust. Sexism is the existence of the whole ecchi fanservice category. Sexism is the idea that the only shoujo dream is to get with a better man. Sexism in Bakuman? Mild, at best.


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Psychic Dectective Yakumo 1 And So I Start This Ritual of Pain and Suffering Once Again

I was interestingly enough drawn into Psychic Detective Yakumo almost immediately, despite the lackluster nature of the first episode. I don’t know why, whether it was the subject matter or the tone, or the potential that was lurking under the surface. The story of the first episode of Psychic Dectective Yakumo was merely a device to introduce our cast of good guys.

They want to say good morning!

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K-On!! 26 It’s Sorta Of Over

And now the second season of the unexpected hit, K-On! draws to a close. It was a mostly low-key episode with the girls being concerned about yearbook photos and taking care of their sick teacher. Yet there were many subtle touching moments.

One of those was the girls standing on Sawako’s balcony watching the sunset. There was the obvious double meaning to this, what with the sunset being when the day ends, the girls’ high school year being over, and this being the last episode. Yet at the same time, it was a beautiful scene, seeing the four of them standing there staring out at the sky.

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