Star Driver episode 4

Just as a general thing, I don’t really like the opening of Star Driver at all. The animation’s nice and all but the song itself definitely isn’t my thing; the singer’s all nasally. The ending on the other hand has really grown on me, both the song and the animation. It’s kinda like it’s telling a story of its own, the sort of simple story between friends that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, though that might just be me.

This picture needs a spaceship or something over Wako's head.

Episode 4 gave something that this series needed: some characterisation. Before this the only one with any semblance of a personality was Takuto, now Wako has some essential back story behind her, and it adds to Takuto as well. Wako’s story has given him an aim other that “have a dynamic school life and get a first kiss that wasn’t CPR” that he wanted in the first episode. I still think that Takuto has aims that he hasn’t mentioned, that’s practically the only certainty within the uncertainty of this show I’d bet on.

Cute picture needs no caption. Cute is cute, nuf said, though it's not like anyone will ever see these captions that i just put on for a lark anyway. Errr... can I have some help here?

Wako has actually got a purpose now; she is the only one standing between the Cybodies and the rest of the world. This does seem a bit unclear to me; if Cybodies can only move in Zero-Time, then why is it too dangerous to let them go to the mainland? Would the breaking of the seal also cause the breaking of Zero-Time or are they just being careful? The Cybodies are by far the biggest mystery in Star Driver, every episode throws out more questions than answers and no rules seem apparent but the Zero-Time movement rule, and there’s still some things I don’t get about that (Like why are Kiriboshi always in full uniform when someone apprivoises. Shouldn’t at least one of the fights catch someone on the toilet? Wako ends up in her pyjamas most of the time, why not them?).

If anyone is interested in why I'm a week late with this post, it's because the Enies Lobby arc of One Piece is REALLY GOOD!!! seriously Obligatory picture of Takuto with no shirt. You know you like it.

And then there’s Taubarn. All the other Cybodies are seen in the real world in Kiriboshi’s base place as statues but there’s no sign of Taubarn. All the other Cybodies appear in Zero-Time automatically in fights but he breaks through from somewhere. And then Takuto’s apprivoise is completely different from the other dudes. So Taubarn Doesn’t seem to reside on the island as far as we know, but he doesn’t seem to be in Zero-Time normally either. Does Taubarn exist in his own dimension? Maybe he exists in Takuto, which would explain partly why he disappears before Taubarn comes out and later forms inside it, but doesn’t explain why Taubarn has to break through. It’s the Galactic Pretty Bo’y’s Cybody, maybe it’s in space. It’s anyone’s guess at this point.