Star Driver Episode 6

After seeing the events of this episode, the Cybody fighting seems a lot more dangerous than it seemed before. Fights in Zero-time always ended with little more than a bruised ego, and the only other dangers were Takuto’s scuffle in episode 1 and the threat of earthquakes from the nurse. The upping of the danger level to near-strangulation and comas is a fair step up from there, to say the least. It’s also contributing to an increasing serious air to Star Driver, but this seriousness is making the show far more engaging to watch.

That's not pretty clouds above the island. It's smoke form the fires of Hell. So which one should I wear for my job interview?

The island doesn’t appear to be a good place to live. If you’re born there there’s a chance you’ll never be able to leave; whether to stop Cybodies leaving too or simply because you’re told “no”. If you get saddled with a Cybody, you may end up with a first phase you can’t control and go crazy subconsciously, and get stuck in stupid clothes the whole time. If you don’t have a Cybody then lucky you. You just have to put up with being susceptible to Cybody owner’s first phases and maybe the odd chemical from the science lady. And of course if you’re an outsider then you get the girl with freckles glaring at you and muttering “outsider” which is clearly the worst deal of all. And all of this is on top of being on a island stated to have vipers and an active volcano nearby (though that might be par for the course in Japan, Pacific Ring of Fire and all).

Obligatory fox pic that is cute. There is no reason at all for Takuto to stand on that rock. And that is a reason in itself. Somehow.

Why exactly is it this particular island that has Cybodies and nowhere else? Is it really the only place? Mrs Watanabe’s brief lecture on first phases said that successful people are sometimes using them, and there can’t be many successful people on one not-deserted island. Wako’s reason for staying on the island, to prevent the others from leaving, is only relevant if there are only Cybodies on that one island, but then what about Takuto? He has a Cybody that wasn’t on the island, but is Taubarn the norm or an exception? Maybe it’s a Pretty boy thing; Takuto is still shrouded in mystery. The whole mystery with the picture in his watch, and his birthday being the same as Sugata’s worst day just adds more questions to the pot.


Here’s what we know about Takuto:

  • He’s the Galactic Bishounen, with the Cybody Taubarn.
  • His Cybody is on third phase, and he doesn’t know his first one.
  • He’s the only Star Driver the Drama club know that is an outsider.
  • His grandpa taught him stuff that he spouts out regularly.
  • There’s some mystery surrounding his father. he may have said he was searching for him back in episode 1, but don’t quote me on that.
  • Some girl in multiple pictures, including the one on his desk, the one in his watch, and possibly the one in the painting too, is in someway important to him and possibly relevant to his birthday.
  • He’s a dual wielder and a decent fighter.
  • His birthday is the same as Sugata’s.
  • He used to be more closed before he got his scar, and whatever came with it.
  • He swam to the island for undisclosed reasons.
  • He’s never been kissed, therefore probably never had a girlfriend.

And finally…

  • He’s not as obsessed with sex as everyone else on the island, though that’s not very hard.

The birthday one I’ve got a theory about. Sugata doesn’t like his birthday because that’s when he learned about his Cybody heritage. But Takuto didn’t tell anyone it was his birthday either, and from what we know about Takuto’s personality his flamboyant attitude would so be the one to announce it was his birthday so he’d get a big party and presents and the like (at least that’s how I see it). But he didn’t. So my guess is that Takuto and Sugata both share a similar reason for not celebrating their birthdays. Takuto probably learned about the Cybodies on the same day and is as depressed as Sugata.

Blue overload It's a bit evil the way that all the adults are dark...

Speaking of Sugata, it’s about time he got some development. All I thought about him before was that he didn’t seem happy about being betrothed and kept encouraging Takuto to go get her, as it were. Maybe that was because he knew he’d end up apprivoising eventually and wanted Wako to be happy with someone when he was gone. Sugata really got the short end of the stick here, his birthright is basically to do a lot of damage and go into a coma. It seems pretty pointless to limit him to the island in the first place, how could he misuse that power if he only gets to use it once and then as good as dies? No  wonder the poor guy spends his birthday meditating with a knife, he’s probably thinking of killing himself/everyone else because he’s so depressed. Instead he uses his power to save his friends because he loves them so much and is a nice guy.

"Hey, don't go stealing all my screen time Sugata!" THWACK! "Oh no, I knocked him into a coma! Quick, blame it on Kiraboshi!"  poke

Takuto’s right in wanting to kick all those Kiriboshi guy’s asses. Wako and Sugata need to get off that island before they go nuts. If Sugata wakes up at all, that is.

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