The eternal question: Shuu or Kuranosuke?

The shipping battle lines are drawn. Even though most of the initial skirmishes have been polite, a greater battle brews…


YOU ARE: are a young, jellyfish-loving otaku, who’s not quite comfortable being social in the real world, but through some events or another, your latent ~uguu~ moe powers have been unleashed to devastating effect. But now the time draws near to make a choice. Do you choose to give your heart to the café-lounging, cross-dressing, hipster, Kuranosuke. Or do you give your heart to the still-a-virgin, career-oriented, politico Shuu?


Drives pervy ojisans wild

The argument for:

  • Never need to worry about whether this dress “looks good on you”, just trust in the ‘nosuke.
  • You’ll always be hip, cool and in the know
  • The ‘nosuke’s experienced in the sack, so no need to worry about that horrifying dual-virgin, OMG what did we just get into experience
  • He knows and accepts the real you, and even gets along with your social nincompoop friends
  • Life will always be fun and interesting
  • He’s RICH, BITCH!

The argument against:

  • He holds the relationship power, he could choose to be with any woman he wants at any time, and you’ll always know that
  • You can’t go out for one, peaceful night without some gaggle of guys and girls trying to pick up the ‘nosuke
  • You’ll always be the less cool person in the relationship
  • He’s one creepy uncle bathhouse incident away from getting kicked out of the family and losing access to the fortune
  • Wouldn’t really trust him to win a fight
  • Traps don’t have a good history of being good relationship material

Likely scenario:

You have fun and are challenged in ways that you couldn’t imagine, go out for a few years, get engaged, but slowly realize he’s becoming distant. You then find out to your horror that he’s been cheating on you by having secret dalliances with other otaku and hikikomori women,  who are even more of a challenge than you ever were, dressing them up and turning them into walking moeblobs. You realize as you wither away your childbearing years, alone, that you should’ve chosen Shuu all along, because it was foolish to think that one woman could ever hold down the ‘nosuke.


Nothing like a leisurely jog after a one-night stand

The argument for:

  • He’s as pure as the first virgin snowfall of the season – just like you
  • 30-year old virgin means, no one’s the wiser in bed
  • You’ll have him falling head over heels over you in ways you could never do with Kuranosuke
  • He’ll never cheat on you, and when found in compromising situations, he runs right back home
  • Great opportunity to buy low, before Shuu inevitably ends up starring as the lead in a harem comedy
  • He’s going to be even more RICH, BITCH!

The argument against:

  • Is disgusted by the real you and is sort of a dick about it
  • Explosive nosebleeds probably removes lighter colors from your wardrobe
  • Requiring a makeover to impress him every time is going to be a real pain in the ass
  • Not only do you have to worry about the dual-virgin, OMG experience, but there’s a chance that he may push you down and run away from you half naked
  • I trust him even less than Kurako to win a fight
  • Politics sucks the soul out of people, best evidenced by Emperor Palpatine’s disastrous nosedive

Likely scenario:

You go out for a few years, happily get married, have a child or two, and then as the years pass, you slowly realize that the love and soul has been sucked out of the relationship. You barely see Shuu, thanks to his political and work obligations, and haven’t shared a bed in years. The only time you get any play is when he comes home drugged by these vampish “career women” and you decide to “close the deal” while he’s passed out, since what the hell, someone should get off on it anyway.

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I’m leaning towards Shuu right now. Although that might be because the trap stylings of the ‘nosuke has me confused. Do I want to ship Tsukimi off to Shuu, because I want the ‘nosuke for myself? Or do I want to become Kurako so I can take Tsukimi for myself?

Oh, and in case you were wondering, Kuragehime is a fantastic show. Just as expected.

28 Replies to “The eternal question: Shuu or Kuranosuke?”

  1. I really like Shuu…but I also really like Kuranosuke. It has, so far, been a challenge to pick a side. Shuu got the edge by actually liking her first, but Kuranosuke was with us viewers longer, so it made it a challenge when he started to lean towards Tsukimi too.
    But, unfortunately for Shuu, not recognizing the girl when she’s not dressed up is a deal breaker. If that changes, he could totally win.
    But for now: Kuranosuke.

    Also kind of amused that this is being treated as a competition.

    1. Every shipping war is a competition. 😛

      This is one of those rare scenarios where I really like both as well. Both of them would be good with Tsukimi in different ways. It’s hard to root for either. I feel sort of content just sitting back and watching how it plays out.

  2. I’m with Kuranosuke all the way but I suspect he will become more manlier as the show wears on because he wants to be a real “man” for Tsukimi. There have been a few scenes where he hasn’t been especially happy that he’s dressed up as a girl (or at least he’s appeared that way) and usually they come after he’s just gone “doki doki” for Tsukimi. One example would be at the aquarium when he goes into the bathroom and pulls his wig off. But…we don’t really know why Kuranosuke is cross dressing (though we can guess) so it could go either way.

    And yeah, like Mef said, not recognizing Tsukimi and what’s more looking down on her and her friends is a deal breaker.

    1. Well, Kurako has mentioned that part of the reason he cross-dresses is so he comes off as completely unsuitable for the political role that his dad no doubt wants him in. However, in the flashbacks where he talks about the girls being all over him, he was in “man” mode, so I can also see him getting “manlier” as the show goes on – although probably while cross-dressed since men are barred from the Nunnery.

    2. I really hope that if they get together, he’s still a boy who likes to cross-dress when the mood strikes him and she still likes to wear her comfy sweats and braid sometimes. Because they’re both very sexy and lovely just the way they are, and darn but I’d love it if they could feel that way about themselves and each other, too. And if the writers didn’t feel the need to scrub them clean of their individuality.

  3. Shu is the only one for Tsukimi in my view. He’s more on her level so they’d interact more equally. Plus they’re both starting off at similar places socially, so they’d grow together and get to naturally figure out ways of expressing themselves. Contrast that to Kuranosuke who doesn’t seem all that serious about much of anything, and who’s already so socially experienced and expressive that Tsukimi would never get a word or a thought in.

    Those “likely scenarios.” Why so pessimistic?

    1. So are you not a big believer of opposites attracting?

      Obviously because RP is the only man for Tsukimi.

      doh! are my intentions that transparent? 😈

      1. Definitely not, at least not for the purpose of building a lasting and worthwhile relationship. That’s not to say that stark opposites don’t get together, but it never really works out too well. Opposites to a degree, sure, but it’s been my experience that there’s only a certain range of difference that will work. Tsukimi and Kuranosuke are well outside that range.

  4. I have to argue that both Tsukimi are real, since, even though it wasn’t her idea to dress up as nicely, Shuu did fall for her sweet personality, which was never faked whether she was dressed up or not. She’s been looking more and more like her ‘before’ self after each transformation and Shuu doesn’t seem to notice. Especially when you consider how he’s seen her in a bit of a mess, running around in her underclothes, and still had a positive reaction, I think it has more to do with how she chooses to present herself. When she’s open, like she was in the aquarium and that embarrassing moment in her home, he’s able to take notice of her and associate her with the Tsukimi that he already knows. When she’s closed, like when he returned her clothes and when she could barely mumble ‘hi’ to him, Shuu can’t connect the two since they seem like different people to him.

    Plus, it’s not like Kuranosuke was falling for Tsukimi while she was dressed in sweats – he saw her as more of a ‘project’. It’s only when her ~moe~ was presented in a cute package that he started having ~those~ kinds of thoughts.

    So, yeah. Cheering for Shuu. Realistically though… it’ll probably be Kuranosuke. His name is even in the title of the series.

    1. Plus, it’s not like Kuranosuke was falling for Tsukimi while she was dressed in sweats – he saw her as more of a ‘project’. It’s only when her ~moe~ was presented in a cute package that he started having ~those~ kinds of thoughts.

      Yep, good point there. I thought of mentioning this, but left it out because I thought I was getting too long, but neither Shuu or Kurako were all that hot for slovenly, otaku Tsukimi. It’s only when she’s gone into the “normal” realm that they noticed her… which I think is realistic and doesn’t really reflect badly on either. Maybe Kurako gets a couple extra points since he thinks the otaku bunch as interesting (although in a “they’re my toys” kind of way), whereas Shuu is outright disgusted by them. But I don’t hold it against them for not being enamored by the “gross version” of Tsukimi.

  5. My logical side says Shu, my romantic side says Kuranosuke and my dreams say me… err… best disregard that last one.

    As much as I’d find it more interesting if she ended up with Kuranosuke, I can see Shu having one of those cliche Shallow Hall-esque ‘beauty isn’t just skin deep’ moments, which would probably seal the deal with him and Tsukimi. Personally I’d be happier if she didn’t end up with either. Is the uncle single?

    1. lolz, the uncle.

      I think he’s ruined for marriage after getting flashed by Kuranosuke jumping out the bath. I think Tsukimi will leave him for her old man fetish friend.

      I never saw Shuu as one of those Shallow Hal, “beauty is everything” types – I think him rejecting the career woman without even giving her a second glance is evidence of that. I think his beef with the nunnery is more with their general freakish behavior. It’ll be interesting to see what happens when he puts two and two together.

  6. Why set up a competition when she can have both? Shuu for the front pages of the paper and Kuranosuke when Shuu’s out on political meets. …But if we must choose one, then choose the one who has more money.

    Seriously though, this Relationship War seems to be a learning curve for all three characters since Tsukimi is learning to open up, Kuranosuke is learning that “every girl is born a princess” is more than skin deep, and Shuu has learned not to leave your drink unattended lest you be drugged and toyed with.

    Anyway, my gut says Kuranosuke because he’s built a more substantial relationship with Tsukimi thus far.

    1. I wonder if Kuranosuke’s actually learning anything… that is beyond how he can seemingly make magic out of the most modest of clays.

      But it’s interesting to see how evenly the vote is split. And both sides make pretty good cases. If one of the characters were replaced with another, I wonder if it would be a runaway. Kudos I guess to the creators for creating a pretty equilateral love triangle.

  7. the topic itself is a war post.

    Shu is a 30 year old virgin who haven’t even have a girl in his life versus the pre-playboy kuranosuke that turned a new leaf and somehow became obsessed with tsukimi.

    Well, for now I still don’t have a point to stand, but for anime series… I’ll go with Kuranosuke.

  8. Haha I love your most ” likely scenes

    Well me, I’d say Kuranosuke ( because they’re cute together) but my more realistic side says Shu ( who happens to look bad ass without his glasses)

    1. Thanks!

      After the latest ep, I’m thinking the Kuranosuke ending looks unlikely. Not even because of Tsukimi, but I think Kuro doesn’t take her too seriously.

  9. I’d say Kuranosuke because Shuu not liking the “real” Tsukimi or her friends just seems like it would end miserably for her. She’d constantly be made to feel ashamed and like she has to hide her joyful geeky nature in order to be with him. She’d have to warp her life all out of shape and remove herself from the people and ways of being that make her happy. That’s like not really having a relationship with someone at all. Heck, having a relationship built on hiding and shame is far worse than content singlehood with good friends and geeky fun. Even if things didn’t last with Kuranosuke, he’d never do *that* to her.

  10. I’m with Kuranosuke all the way , because he’s so awkward whith his feelings for the lovely Tsukimi … At the beggining he said that he never felt anything for anyone of his ex-girlfriends SO if he feels something real for Tsukimi ( this manga is a shojo so it will stay in love with her , have children , get married and all!!) he will be able to fight against his evil brother…
    I can’t see Shu with Tsukimi …. It’s just impossible because :
    He’s 30 years old , she’s 18 … NO WAY !!!! But , now that he saw the two parts of Tsukimi he’s still loving her : it’s pissing me off ! Kuranosuke helps her to look like a real princess that’s why Shu saw this part of her : Kuranosuke saw her face and accept it since the beggining and he starts loving her even if she’s nothing else than a Otaku , that’s why from my point of view , he deserves to end with Tsukimi !!
    ( And excuse the faults , i’m french ^^” )

  11. Well, personally I feel that the cons against Kuranosuke are less than the cons against Shuu because, to be perfectly honest, Shuu is assuming. Kuranosuke has asked (save for the makeovers he did on Tsukimi) Tsukimi’s opinion on things, where Shuu completely ignored her for practically all of the anime/manga (up to volume 8 I believe) without her having makeup on. Not to mention, Tsukimi was dragged (albeit not against her will) to the dates with Shuu, and I fell like she was sort of coerced into the relationship because he asked her to get back to him so soon. If he was empathetic to her “social awkwardness” he’d have understood she’d have needed a week or two before being able to answer him. As far as Kuranosuke’s Stylish nature, Tsukimi already knows that. She knows for a fact that Kuranosuke’s the cooler guy in the relationship, and I’m pretty sure that he’d tell women to shove off if he was dating Tsukimi. I dunno, just my take of the whole thing.

  12. Kuranosuke and Tsukimi all the way. I’m mostly basing my opinion off the anime, but it would be best I think if Shu finds another love. One that mayn’t have been possible without this first experience. I mean, Kuranosuke and Tsukimi just have a more compatible relationship with each other if you nix all romance from the show. Gahh, only time will tell, I extremely dislike getting into a manga that is still ongoing….

  13. “T-that’s that’s cute!”

    I would to put you heavy hearted manga lovers to rest. I see that no one in this entire thread have pointed a teensy little detail out that could actually be a big one. You notice how after every date with Shuu or ALMOST every time she has seen Shuu she has freaked out deciding she was Ugly or acted stupid. Sorry to tell you this Shuu fans but, a girl shouldn’t feel ugly OR stupid after being with a guy, I notice I didn’t point out the part when he “Confessed” but, I don’t take that into account at the moment.

    thinks to self, “look at me tsukimi”

    Here is another more uncommon point I would like to pop out, “why did tsukimi just suddenly think Shuu doesn’t like her anymore?!. I have a simple answer, ok not so simple answer. Tsukimi is smart right? She is not dumb enough to realize that Shuu could have to battery of his phone or be working. so why… does she just suddenly think up i haven’t talked to him in one day, he must not like me! ;0 ummm, I don’t think so. This is my hypothesis, my guess is that she is starting to realize that this isn’t true love that she’s being pushed into a marriage with a man she knows barely nothing about. Also when she looked at him in the car, her eyes Would have lighted up if she loved him but NO that look in her eyes WAS A LOOK OF GUILT!

    thinks to self “why is my heart beating so fast?, of course it is she was just about to jump out of a two story window”

    Now to the good stuff, I’m going to tell you this and now, I love Shuu, his character is adorable and even if it doesn’t have tons of originality, they still developed him well but, I DO NOT LIKE THIS COUPLE. Now that I’m done with that I will make my final point on the cons of Shuu. Shuu is a sweet guy but..time and time again he has blushed over just looking at her, not a ton by the things she says and does. He assumes that she will LOVE a jellyfish ring but, she doesn’t seem to like jewelry. He imagines her living with her happily after she looses her home HER HOME the one place she is with the people she cares about and can truly be herself, that is as shallow as the kiddie pool in a water park!

    “Excuse me” “guys were in public…” “BREAK IT UP!

    Now on to my favorite part! Kuronoske! Now I would like to point out first of all how everyone is saying Kuro is being sooo cliche No he isn’t! He dressed her up so he could take advantage and get his brothers car to go to the aquarium with her. Of course that’s not what happens and he has to drive. He doesn’t realize that Shuu might really like, his closest freind he just think he thinks she looks “cute” and before the hug he starts blushing and goes to the bathroom EXTREMELY EMBARRASSED And then he sees them hugging and even wonders to himself why was he jealous why was this happening. As you can see Kuro didn’t just fall in love with her because her brother hugged her, he did it because he actually likes her!

    “Let’s make it!”

    Next point everyone saying that he doesn’t like her because he “dresses her up” and doesnt except her for how she looks” that is POOP, four day old POOP. He even says he doesn’t want to have to change her, that he rather likes her how she is. But, he does change her because the world is a judging place .. And he wants everyone else to see her for the princess she really is. And while in this story he is just the mere fairy godmother/father he wishes at moments that he was the prince she was dancing with at the ball. But, that’s not the story goes, and he knows that. So he just dresses her up for the ball to be with the “real prince” while he just keeps his feeling bottled up inside.

    “I think your cute..”

    Now to finish it off I’m going to state done smaller facts in a listed order;;
    1. Why does she just suddenly “decide” she can’t get married after seeing Kuro *cough cough*
    2. Why does he start to go away, and not to talk to we as much after she and his brother get together?
    3. Why did he start to get mad when she never got used to seeing him as a guy?
    4. Why did he get so flustered about her actually looking at him?!
    5. And number five…..why did he blush so badly and his heart best so fast, after seeing her look like a bride!?


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