This is the true end of OreImou

On the surface, the idol life suits Kanakana and onii-san manager

But there's a dark side to the idol life
The constant beatings from KanaKana...
The death threats from her model friends...
And the bitchslaps from his jealous sister...
Eventually drive onii-san manager insane


11 Replies to “This is the true end of OreImou”

  1. I could only think of Akira from Lucky Star once Kanakana let down her cutesy act, heh. Good call.

    So can we have an ending where Kyousuke snaps and murders Kirino, Kanakana, and Ayase? I don’t think it’s too much to ask for.

    1. It’s the pink hair. It drives all idols crazy… or maybe pink haired idols are inherently crazy. Wait a second – Sheryl Nome was sort of crazy too. I think I’m onto something.

      1. I definitely got a brief Sheryl vibe from Kanakana when she was talking to Kyousuke after winning (after she calmed down from yelling at Bridgette.) That sort of haughty but confident look that says ‘I’m born to be an actress.’ Though all the other examples mentioned don’t have the self control or well-rounded personalities to rein in that inherent crazy like Sheryl can.

    1. I really wished they’d lay off Kirino’s yelling and physical violence. I get that she’s 110% tsuntsun, but they’re really pushing that angle way too far.

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