Kyousuke Kousaka, I salute you

Kyousuke Kousaka, I salute you and your heart that is clear as the Windows XP blue sky background.


I salute you for having a mother who questions your ero habits
I salute your ability to rebut the ridiculous fantasies of your brocon imouto
I salute your inability to shut a laptop lid
I salute you for your childhood friend indulging your false siscon fantasies
I salute your ability to get strange looks from strangers who think you've started a sexual cult
I salute your ability to face the stings of your brocon's imouto's friend's indulgent manga series
I salute you for being that big hearted crybaby you are

But mostly I salute you for being the straight man that this anime needed. To be that someone with a little more spine than the typical loser harem lead, but not so much that he’d put the foot down and eliminate the shenanigans. Without your “is this really happening to me” tone of voice and reactions, the anime would’ve just been about Kirino power tripping, and half as entertaining. You’ve had a long, arduous ride. I hope you can get your Kuroneko end, you deserve it.

Sultry Hanazawa is OMG.

9 Replies to “Kyousuke Kousaka, I salute you”

    1. I do like Kirino in bits and flurries. I actually liked her a lot towards the beginning of the season, and then they took her spitefulness way too far. But yeah, I always get a kick out of Manami and Kuroneko especially.

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