It’s better to be a bad anime with a good ending, than the opposite #TwelveDays #11

It’s CCY’s brainchild and legacy and the aniblogging way of celebrating the twelve days of Christmas!

Maya can smell a stinker coming

The power of the bad anime with a good ending was best evidence by the second season of Zero no Tsukaima, which was an almost totally worthless crap bag of ridiculous fanservice, filler and stupidly out of character characters. It drops the ball from the first season and goes nowhere. BUT! That is until the tragic hero end in which Saito goes out like Denzel Washington in Training Day. Dismissing the last minute of the episode, which as far as I’m concerned, never happened, I would rank it up there with episodes of Gurren Lagann in terms of epicness and pure heart thumping GAR-ness. You talk about a hail mary ending, this was the Doug Flutie versus Boston College. Because, now that I think back, I can’t remember a damn thing about that season except that it had that ridiculously awesome ending. So I’m left with nothing but fond memories.

Compare that with DRRR, which I mentioned in my previous #TwelveDays as having petered out at the end. The show was mostly good. Smart writing, good animation, great characters… but the ending was so disappointing and lame. All the good moments are being overshadowed by the fact that the ending was just flat out bad. So I’m left with a sour taste in my mouth. Objectively, I know that DRRR was about 100x better than the second season of ZnT. BUT! My heart belongs to ZnT 2, just because of dat ending. DAT ENDING.


Which brings me to Occult Academy, another good idea sent to walk off the plank thanks to A-1’s terrible direction. Once you get past the infinite awesome faces of Maya, and a few intriguing episodes to start out the season, the plot goes haywire and the whole thing turns into a mess of nonsense of banality. Filler after filler after filler. You’d think there wasn’t an apocalypse imminent. BUT! The ending was redeeming. Not nearly as memory-wipingly mindblowing like getting kissed by Superman, or the ending of ZNT 2, but I think back on it and think, “well, if you took the first couple eps, and then the last couple eps, and cut out everything in the middle, it would be a pretty damn good OVA.” I still have some objective oversight, but my heart isn’t nearly as disgusted as I was during the filler stretch. That’s the power of a good ending.

10 Replies to “It’s better to be a bad anime with a good ending, than the opposite #TwelveDays #11”

  1. It’s hard to say when Occult Academy starts sucking. Mostly because the episode where Kozue becomes trapped in the afterlife and all the things revealed in the episode where they try to get her out was for me the high point of the series. That’s at episode 6. Did the series start blowing beforehand? Maybe just cutting out the Chupacabra and the horrible snowy child bits would suffice.

    Also does the whole black mage/white mage fight count as a good part or a ludicrous part? Are we just talking about the final episode?

    Personally I would watch Episodes 1,2,5,6 and 13. Maybe episode 3 and 4. It’s annoying because I thought the actual plots of the mothmen and chupacabra bit (but not that horrible child) were interesting but I didn’t care for how they were supposed to develop the characters.

    1. Yeah there was an episode or two in between that were pretty good. the dream machine/bunmei’s memories being one that was key to the plot.

      so I guess i’d go eps 1-2, the 2 dream machine/memory epa and then the last episode. I thought the whole magical girl thing was retarded and I think skippable until the point where Maya snaps a pic of bunmei and succubus together.

  2. Guess we’re in disagreement here. I would MUCH prefer to watch Rideback or Mai Hime, decent anime with terrible endings, than Occult Academy or Kobato, poor anime with great endings. I value the entertainment you get during the watch over the look-back value

  3. I don’t know.. I consider both to be equal. Not every show can be consistent. If a show can’t be consistently good, then at least it should have a few moments. Otherwise it’s just Angel Beats or Index/Railgun, relying on cheap gimmicks and alienating people like me who feel slighted by such obvious lack of effort from something that could have been so much better.

    Yet I don’t consider Occult Academy better than Durarara. In fact I still prefer Durarara… it could still end well, the anime just didn’t end yet. That’s annoying, yes, but at least I can look forward to more (even if it’s just the novelization). Occult Academy can’t be fixed anymore, and I just have to cherish the few kick-ass moments and forget the crap.

    My wife claims that a good ending has more of an impact on her because good endings are so damn rare, especially in anime (heck, just HAVING an ending seems rare these days).

    1. My wife claims that a good ending has more of an impact on her because good endings are so damn rare, especially in anime (heck, just HAVING an ending seems rare these days).

      This is actually a really good point. The number of animes, any kind – good/bad/meh – that have a truly satisfying ending are few and far between. How many shows have you watched that started out good and then petered out? Half of the shows I start watching each season, I end up losing interest in. Even anime I’d consider great like Gurren Lagann, Death Note and Code Geass had endings that I was… not completely thrilled with. So when a show comes along with an ending that I like, it sticks out in my mind – like your wife says, because it’s so rare.

  4. I will watch this series eventually, I really will. The first season has been waiting around for me to watch it for ages now.

    (By the way, completely in agreement with you on DRRR!!’s ending…I raged.)

    1. If you’re talking about Occult Academy… I’d probably recommend NOT watching it. But if you’re talking about ZNT, the first season is definitely loads of fun. It has a real solid rom-com energy to it. It sort of evoked a Chobits feeling for me.

  5. As much fun as it was to blog OA, I doubt I’d recommend it to anyone given the number of awesome shows out there. Yes, Drrr!! was a fab show with a forgettable ending, but I’d still recommend it to others hands down over OA. However, OA was the first complete series that I blogged on my own after becoming a blogger, so it’ll always have a special place in my heart, not least of all becasue of all the crazy-theories-exchanging that occured during our posts (I have to say, I feel like I bonded with a lot of you during that season, lol.). And DAT ENDING (perfect screenshot choice btw) will, of course, stay with me for a long time. Maya faces and cowards-who-eventually-Man-Up FTW!

    1. There’s something to be said about the shared blogging experience. Thinking back, the shows I remember writing about are those where I got to write “with” others. OA with you, Ookami Kakushi with blindability and shinmaru. Sora no Manimani with ExecOtaku and Scamp. It also makes the bad shows more tolerable. 😛

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