Fanservice can be creative #TwelveMoments #9

This is… exactly what it looks like. Whatever you think that is.


What more can I say about Saeko’s bullet time boobs that hasn’t been mentioned by CCY or Scamp, or myself already? Just like how I was enthralled by Sora no Otoshimono’s flying pantsu last year, and Strike Witches pants-less witches the year before that, I’ve come to appreciate innovation. And yes, as Highschool of the Dead showed, even fanservice can continue to innovate. As Scamp put it:

You can’t just trot out the same tired and lame crap. You can’t have someone fall into another char­ac­ters breasts and call it a day.

Or as CCY put it:

It’s not enough to throw a few panties and jiggles in there and call it a day. It’s far better to lose all sense of sanity and normalcy.

Highschool of the Dead just goes to show that – if you try, you can put a new spin on anything. Don’t give me your tired, lame harem bullshit. I want fresh scenarios for why the guy keeps falling and landing on the girl’s crotch! I don’t care if it requires involving a jackhammer, an angry koala and Padme Amidala. I demand something new! I can’t wait to see what 2011’s fanservice breakthrough looks like.

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