Fanservice shows can be about more than fanservice #TwelveMoments #8

The 12 Days of Anime project is CCY’s brainchild and the only way to celebrate the twelve chibis of Christmas!

I gave Sora no Otoshimono much praise last year for the outrageously hilarious pantsu flying south scene. This time I’m giving its sequel props based on its storytelling merits. Egads!


If Sora no Oto was just about fanservice, I would’ve lost interest by now. It’s why I barely made it through the first season of To Love Ru, and why I couldn’t make it through the OVAs, much less the second season. It’s why I ended up dropping the second season of Strike Witches. But Sora no Oto’s different. It succeeds where Strike Witches fails in that, there’s actually a really interesting story behind the fanservice. It’s really striking when the show flips from ridiculous over the top ecchi to its serious side, because it does both really well. The sci-fi backstory about the angeloids and the world above is genuinely compelling. Tomoki is convincing when he flips from oppai loving perv to drama lead, but it’s Sugata who really shines in that role. Even the Angeloids go beyond inflated dakimakuras and play the role of the tragic hero quite well, particularly Nymph, the most mentally well-rounded of the bunch. But even Ikaros, who’s increasing humanism has made her a more interesting character, shines through.

This was probably best evidenced in the battle between Chaos, a second generation angeloid, voiced convincingly creepily by Aki Toyosaki and the first generation angeloids: Nympth, Astraea and Ikaros. As Chaos tortures a powerless Nymph, and fends off a game, but limited Astraea, it’s Ikaros who matches up with Chaos and takes her down – all while struggling herself to answer Chaos’ neverending question: what is love (baby don’t hurt me). Ok, so the premise sounds a little cheesy when I write it out like that. But when you combine a good, shounen-esque fight scene with gorgeous animation and terrific music, you end up with one of the most exciting and moving action scenes I’ve seen this past year outside of anything in FMA: Brotherhood.

Chaos eventually returns and they fight again, but the second fight is somewhat anticlimactic, and I hold this first fight as the pinnacle of the series so far.

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