Bakuman, episode 12: Middle school was never this annoying

If the last couple episodes were pretty good, this episode made me want to throw things at my screen. This was the episode where Miho x Mashiro went from boring and annoying to, I hope they both fail their dreams and live miserably ever after.


Gee, working in the manga industry seems like fun. Sure, you might have to work late. And maybe the pay sucks. But you get to be a baller with an expense account and talk about writing and drawing stories. What’s cooler than that?


Hattori must be a big fan of the steampunk look. I really liked the first 6 or 7 minutes or so of the ep. Seeing Takagi and Mashiro share their spoils of their first success, then see them meet with Hattori in a strategy session. Even though we haven’t really seen the name, I like to think that I can picture in my head what Hattori’s looking at based on his comments.


Oh then Mashiro had to go and open his mouth, after Hattori mentioned that if things go well they could be serialized in three years or so. See, I don’t have a problem with Mashiro wanting to be serialized quicker. I mean, it’s natural. It should be what they want. But I hate Mashiro’s motivation for wanting to be serialized so quickly. I’ve already written about my displeasure with Mashiro’s crappy reasons for being a mangaka, but this was the first time that I thought, "you know what… I hope Nizumi wipes the fucking floor with them so Mashiro and Miho will never see the light of day." Mashiro’s goal isn’t to become a mangaka. It’s to hook up with Miho. So when I hear the two talk about achieving their dreams first, I can’t help but think that’s just a big load of bullshit. Just get together and spare us this ridiculous forced drama.


Kaya may do nothing but be a busybody mother hen, but talking sure helps a character develop a personality. And that’s what we’ve gotten in the last few eps from her. She’s starting to feel like a real person now. I also enjoy seeing Takagi introduced to the manipulative meanderings of teenage girls.









7 Replies to “Bakuman, episode 12: Middle school was never this annoying”

  1. “Mashiro’s goal isn’t to become a mangaka. It’s to hook up with Miho.”

    I’m sorry, but I’m disagreeing.

    No matter how stupid it sounds, you’re making it sound like they don’t even give a shit about their dreams. THEY OBVIOUSLY DO. You do remember that his end of the deal is that he gets an Anime, right? If he wanted to just hook up with Miho like you say, he could’ve just taken the easy way out and submitted an anime idea to a production studio somehow and got it animated. Where do you think original Anime productions come from?

    1. let me clarify, Mashiro’s goal isn’t to become a mangaka, necessarily because he wanted to become a mangaka. Mashiro’s goal to become a mangaka came about because he wanted to get with Miho. No Miho. No mangaka dreams. And it’s just Mashiro emo-ing alone with Takagi pestering him.

      The easy way out (or actually the least retarded way) would’ve been for Mashiro and Miho to converse and interact like human beings while trying to achieve whatever dreams they had. This “let’s not talk until we achieve our dreams” is the most forced, ridiculous and worst of all – boring – plot device ever. It detracts from the characters, it detracts from their relationship and it brings down the quality and watchability of the show.

  2. This is fantastic. This is EXACTLY how I felt. I loved the first part of the episode so much and adored how Kaya began to lean toward being more than the “sidekick chick” that you see in lots of shounen and began to develop her own presence.

    Like I’ve said many times before in my various Bakuman rants, this show would be so amazingly fantastic if they cut out the romance. I don’t mean “remove Kaya and Miho totally” but the forced drama is suffocating. I love Kaya and Takagi’s relationship as it’s realistic and isn’t some fairytale BS. The only time I’ve ever supported Mashiro was when he went into “Hey Miho, let’s just hook up already? Kthanxbai” mode, that was awesome.

    The easy way out wouldn’t have been getting an anime produced so early because the two only have the skills to make manga and have it ADAPTED into anime rather than have an anime straight up. As said above, the easy way would have been for Mashiro and Miho to act like adults. I mean Miho is complaining about how he hasn’t emailed or texted her yet but that’s only because she’s been saying stuff like: “NO WE HAVE TO WAIT OMFG YOU DON’T LISTEN MASHIRO, I’M GOING TO CRY NOW”.

    I began to take quite the liking to Kaya (I didn’t like her in the beginning as I assumed she was going to be the ‘I’ll make tea while you guys work’ and occasional comic relief girl like most shounen) when she distracted Miho with the weeds and then dashed off when Mashiro arrived. As much as I hate their relationship, Kaya is the BEST when helping it move forward.

    I raged pretty hard when Miho just walked past him. I did feel slight sympathy for Mashiro when I saw the look on his face but it was terribly funny in the worst kind of way given the circumstances. I also had the same reaction to the “I’ll wait for you” stuff. Gag-inducing romance is sickening. Deep down, I wanted her to say: “I just walked past you without acknowledgement. I don’t like you and this has all just been for my own satisfaction, you got trolled boy”.

  3. I raged pretty hard when Miho just walked past him.

    Yeah, this was pretty much the last straw for me. I mean who does that? If I stretch myself into bizarro world, I can justify them not getting together until after they accomplish their dreams. But that doesn’t mean they can’t develop the “relationship” in other ways. Just basic small talk would be a fine start. They can stutter around each other and it’ll be cute. A smile? Yeah, that wouldn’t hurt. Someone smiles, the other one blushes, we get it. An accidental brush of the hand. Rushing to see a text message arrive. There are millions of ways the show could bring these two closer, help us feel what they’re feeling, and get us rooting for them without them having to go all tonsil hockey on each other.

    But just walking right past him, without slowing, without acknowledgement? When she knew he was there for a reason – standing right outside her house? That is so self-centered and so diva, I was just stunned and incredibly pissed off. That is not a human reaction. That is a sociopathic reaction. How could anyone possibly root for them (and especially Miho) after that?

    1. The worst part is that Mashiro didn’t even seem to care, I just hate how Miho is so self-absorbed that she’s willing to shun him away and then walk right past him like that. I know what you mean in regard to progress, they at least need to start talking to each other like friends. I get that they don’t want to start anything but committing to a relationship when you don’t know the other person at all is just stupid.

      I really wish the two would man up and realise how immature their set-up is.

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