It’s so hard to say goodbye #TwelveMoments #3

The 12 Days of Anime project is CCY’s brainchild and the only way to celebrate the twelve moe days of Christmas!

Aria the Origination was a show I held off on watching as long as I could, because I didn’t want to say goodbye to the perfect world of Neo-Venezia and all its wonderful residents – from the undine, to the mailman, to the weather moles, to the saucy cats.


Aria the Origination is another one of those shows with a lot of great moments in it. And unlike the previous Aria’s, where the pace of the show doesn’t lend itself to incredible highlights, seeing Alice, Aika and Akari come of age are things I’ll always remember. Ok, maybe not Aika’s. They sort of skimped on her moment, unfortunately. Anyway, stop raining on my parade!

But of all the moments, what struck me most, was a goodbye. As Akari takes the role of an undine, the joy is quickly followed by a bittersweetness as Alicia reveals that she’ll retire, to get married and start a family. Which admittedly, was a little odd, considering we’ve never even seen her in the same room with a man without incapacitating his ability to speak without turning into a blabbering mess. But I think what struck me most was when Akari finds herself confused about something routine and calls out for Alicia’s help, only to realize that she’s all alone for a few moments, and then Alicia walks through the door, and Akari’s strong façade breaks down, and she realizes she can’t hold her tears back. There’s something about that moment that was felt so… real and genuine. It’s easier to keep a strong face during the big moments – when you’re standing in an airport saying goodbye, when you’re saying goodbye during a graduation ceremony, or when you say goodbye to a loved one at a funeral. But when you’re alone, trying to regain normalcy, you look around and realize there’s a big hole where there used to be something, and that’s when it hits you – the gravity of the change. That things are no longer the same.

I didn’t want to say goodbye to Aria, because I love everything about the world, I love everything about the people. I love the sense of discovery, it’s more magical and wonderful than the second version of the iPad. If I were to dream up a perfect world, it would fall well short of Aria’s world. And how could I possibly ever want to say goodbye to something beyond my standards of perfection?

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