The dead do not live #TwelveMoments #1

And so comes an end to CCY’s 12 Days of Anime project… Merry Christmas… with blood!


I feel like I blew my load way too early. I shouldn’t have put up that post on Shiki a couple weeks ago. I’ve already said what I wanted about my #1 moment of the year, which would be Toshio revealing the double cross on Chizuru the Shiki and leading opening the gates for the Shiki massacre. I guess what continues to impress me is what’s happened since then. The show hasn’t held back one bit. It’s brutal, it’s graphic. If you’ve ever seen vampires dying on TV or the movies, they tend to have this video game death property of just vanishing after being killed. *POOF* as if they were made of pixie dust. But the Shiki vampires. They die, they leave a carbon footprint. It’s been amazing to see how much blood has been spilt. I love the “realism.” And it’s been harrowing watching the townspeople come to grips with having to “kill” their former family and friends to the point where now it’s just like they’re just putting up flypaper and setting the mosquito traps.

Sunako. Ruining the rep of moe characters since 1679.

I, for one, am quite content to see the Shiki die out like the soulless vermin they are, especially Sunako and her lolicon lackey, Seishin. Sunako’s pleas of survival ring hollow to me. It’s not about survival. It’s about dominance. She has no qualms about killing to stay alive. It’s a natural order of life for her. Well then, she should be the first to see that it applies for the humans too. I think a lot of the sympathy she’s getting is because of her moe appearance. I doubt blue ears or Masao the vampire gets a fraction of that sympathy. (Ironically, Masao the vampire has been much more tolerable than Masao the human.) There’s a comment in the MAL forums  that sums up my feelings pretty well:

If Sunako & Co would have wanted just to live happily, they should have been keeping the shiki population on the very low levels. Say, just only Kirishikis themselves. No laying hands on the villagers. They attack people from the city – so they have enough food to survive. that way no one would give a damn about Kanemasa and they could live there as long as they please.
Yet Sunako decided to turn the whole village into shikis. They got what they deserved.

I’m not going to condone the townspeople’s killing of their own. I understand where they’re coming from, but I don’t approve of it. It’s the result of a desperate people that have become far too defensive and frightened. (Pretty good allegory for the new “everyone’s a terrorist unless proven innocent after we toss you in a secret prison for a few years” world we live in now.) But the townspeople being wrong, doesn’t mean the shiki aren’t getting what they deserve. The shiki don’t have any right to live. They are dead. “The dead do not suffer the living to pass.” Well, that goes both ways.

I think the big reason why I have Shiki at #1 and I had the FMA moments at #4 is that, I always knew that Ed and Al were going to win. For all the action in that show, very few good guys actually die. There was no question they’ll win, the question was how. But with Shiki, I have no idea. I’m completely dreading the episode next week, anything could happen. I think the Shiki have laid enough traps and brainwashed enough people that someone major’s going to get hit. And with a fair amount of loose ends still, I know I won’t be completely happy.

What’s a good ending?

  • Toshio, Natsuno and Beard Man survive
  • Blue ears gets killed by Seishirou
  • Seishin and Sunako die in spectacular fashion
  • Kaori and Akira are alive
  • Megumi gets killed by Natsuno

What do I think will happen?

  • Toshio and Beard Man die
  • Natsuno lives
  • Seishin dies
  • Blue ears and Sunako live
  • Megumi lives and becomes the new Chizuru

I don’t think the Shiki win, but I don’t think they’ll lose either. Same way, I think the people will win the battle and reclaim their town, but at a great cost. But I don’t know. I’m totally nervous. But that’s the mark of a great show, it keeps you on your toes.

6 Replies to “The dead do not live #TwelveMoments #1”

  1. Along with the earlier creepyassness of the first arcs, the unpredictability of this series are defo amongst it’s strengths, the idea that anyone could die any second and that you never know how people are going to react until their back is up against the wall. You mentioned ‘realism’, which is a good way of putting it, and I’ll also add to this point the idea that the most uncanny and, later, downright horrifying moments arise from what is most familiar to us and when this is subverted (hmm, might even do my post about this, if I can be arsed of course). Anyway, a great choice of pick (and thanks for a great list overall)! And, like you and many others no doubt, I’m really looking fwd to the final epi!

    1. Yeah, if the anime has reminded me of anything, I think it’s how people have a remarkable ability to adjust to things happening around them, no matter how crazy it may be. Epidemic? Vampires? A battle to the death? I can’t imagine what kind of stories they’re going to tell their grandkids if they make it to that age.

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