Year 2 done!

We have crossed the two year threshold. So what does the future hold? Besides an eventual death?


Much thanks and love to all who’ve been visiting to those who’ve visited over the past two years. Double thanks and love to those who’ve taken the time to leave a comment. And triple chance and luck to those who’ve supported Rabbit Poets through the years.

I feel like it’s been a pretty ho-hum year, but when I think back, I guess this and that did happen:

  • Taking a trip to Japan, including the real life Hinamizawa, was tremendous. I would love to go back, and next time try to be less of a tourist with a camera, and be more like a natural NEET with all the time and freedom in the world.
  • Being one of the OG’s in starting up the aniblog tourney. Despite the lack of moe, I think the tourney had a positive impact on the blogosphere.  At the very least, there’s blogs like Blogsuki, Caraniel’s, and Canne’s to name a few, that I didn’t know of before the tourney, but eventually became a regular reader of.
  • Being the only tie to have happened in the tourney. Cheers to my tie counterpart, Janai Blog. I feel forever connected. Of course, we then proceeded to get thoroughly whomped by psgels. The one thing I learned during the tourney was how much of a giant Star Crossed actually is.
  • Multiple design and theme framework changes. I should’ve took screenshots of what the site looked like before, because I have no recollection now. But a lot of thanks is due to gargron/Eugen for his help.
  • And last, but not least, Having Janette and Libera come on board, writing for the blog this past year. Both will be taking a break this next season and we’ll see where to go from there. But even if you don’t write again, thank you, gals. I’ll be the first to admit that I haven’t done a great job as the blogging banchou as I’d hoped, but I’ve really appreciated having you two on board these past several months.

So we move onto year three, where the only goal is to… LIVE DAMMIT!

19 Replies to “Year 2 done!”

  1. From this post I learned:
    1. Anime^2 is dead. Oh shit.
    2. That JanaiBlog guy I see on Twitter all the time has a blog. Who’d’a known?
    3. There is no third thing.

    also congrats

  2. Congratulations on your second year! Looks like you’re a long way off from blogger death so I hope to see you well into the future.

    Ah, I remember you and your blog being one of the first that I started reading after I started blogging. Back in the days of the three way Sora no Manimani shipping battles along with Scamp. Glad to have run into you then, and here’s hoping that we end up blogging something at the same time again. Btw, I’m still in for Nyan Koi season 2 shipping wars whenever S2 happens. Kanako will be victorious! 😛

    1. Hime is still clearly the best rawr rawr rawr!

      (Also sticking to my rule of not congratulating 2 year anniversaries. I’ll be back this time next year to give you my real congratulations)

  3. Congratulations!
    No one can escape eventual death but with passion and a little bit of effort, it can be postpone almost indefinitely. I love what you did and hope you’ll be around for many more years 🙂

  4. Congratualtions, RP! Not been long (for me), but it’s defo been a pleasure getting to know you and what’s become one of my favourite blogs. Looking forward to reading and spamming more cool posts! 😀

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