Fortune Arterial 11-12

I ended up watched episode 11 and 12 in one go as episode 11 was freaking intense. After that episode 12 was such a messy attempt to patch every thing up that I think it was an anime original ending. Basically, it made no sense. But uh, the two love birds are together. That’s all that matters, right?

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Fortune Arterial 10

Ah. The beach episode. Fortune Arterial’s strength shows again here, which is take any cliché it’s handed and executes it surprisingly well. In this one, the gang decides to go to the beach to swim, and to see the fireworks. There the whole situation with Erika’s bloodlust starts to reach a boiling point.

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Bakuman, episode 15: The way of the characters

I really liked the first 8 minutes of the episode, then Miho showed up and… I’m just going to forget about the last half of the episode. Ok, she wasn’t awful, but soooo boring. I feel like the Starbust zombie. Boring. Miho is boring me to death, and I’m already dead. She’s boring me back to death. I wish they’d replace her with her loli sister. She has much more personality. Anyway, in other news, no matter how bad Bakuman gets I vow not to drop it. There’s no chance in hell I’m going to pick it up again when the second season starts up, but I am hanging on to this to the very end.


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Yumekui Merry, episode 2: Nightmares and nymphs

After debating on whether to pick up a show or not in the Winter season, I decided to go ahead and blog Yumekui Merry after seeing it build on a pretty solid first episode. It laid the groundwork with an interesting setting and done a surprisingly good job of creating depth and auras of mystery around most of the characters. Plus, I didn’t want Bakuman to be the last thing I wrote about before potentially disappearing in the spring.


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