Bakuman, episode 13: The Sellout

Another week, another mediocre episode of Bakuman. I rewatched Death Note over the Christmas break, and I was just stunned at how much more dynamic the direction was in that show. When you think about it, very little actually happens in that anime. People walk around, talk, eat potato chips, write things in notebooks, have heart attacks. There’s very little action. But the way it’s directed, the style, the movement, the perspectives makes it feel much more action-oriented than it actually is. If Bakuman were directed in a similar style, I’m positive that it would be a 100% more interesting show.


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The Winter 2011 Anime Season Preview is Back

After much consternation and soul searching about whether another preview post is even worth the effort, the season preview is back. I realized the season preview is not about the info itself, it’s not even about my opinions. For me, it’s about getting the chance to think about how to design the post – deciding what info to include, what to opine on, and then trying to figure out how to make it look better, easier to read and be more useful to people than the last version. Hopefully this latest version is a step forward from all the previous versions.
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