Bakuman, episode 13: The Sellout

Another week, another mediocre episode of Bakuman. I rewatched Death Note over the Christmas break, and I was just stunned at how much more dynamic the direction was in that show. When you think about it, very little actually happens in that anime. People walk around, talk, eat potato chips, write things in notebooks, have heart attacks. There’s very little action. But the way it’s directed, the style, the movement, the perspectives makes it feel much more action-oriented than it actually is. If Bakuman were directed in a similar style, I’m positive that it would be a 100% more interesting show.


Even though I hate Miho, and I’m starting to hate Mashiro, I could empathize with his cell phone email conundrum. We’ve all been there. Poring over details, trying to figure out the right thing to write that would magically open up the gates to heaven, closing your eyes and sending the message… and then getting a response that has a tiny fraction of the thought and effort that you put into your message… and still being thrilled by getting that response. Miho’s quick, sort of mindless texts was the coolest thing she’s done so far.


AGENT FIGHT! Seriously, I want to see Hattori and Nizuma’s agent go at it. There was more dorama and sparks between these two in the twenty seconds they shared screentime, than there has been in the whole rest of the show. I want to see these guys really going at it, swigging coffee recklessly, sending furious emails, trying to one-up each other’s PowerPoints, angrily glowering at each other. I’ll give Bakuman a 10 if this ever happens.


I’m glad the two lost. It would have been too easy for them, otherwise. Plus, I want to see the whole Mashiro x Miho thing fail. I think the best possible ending is that Mashiro dooms himself to his uncle’s fate, after finding out through a succinct SMS that Miho went off and eloped with Tomokazu Sugita after meeting him at seiyuu school.


You have no artistic credibility Mashiro! You’ve sold out long before anyone will ever hear your ridiculously cheesy pen name!

2 Replies to “Bakuman, episode 13: The Sellout”

  1. I would have had more tolerance for the email thing if it had happened 6 to 10 episodes ago. Now my feeling is, “why are they still wasting time on this?” 👿

    Regarding the big sell-out: the rationale was weak. They can fight along with everyone else for the bigger market share, but that doesn’t mean they get to keep the niche crowd as well. So they are going to throw away the readership that is looking for something other than Bleach and One Piece, and compete directly with everyone else.

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