Fortune Arterial 09

After last episode, there were two glaring questions. First off, what was a servant? Second of all, who exactly was Kuze a servant for? Rather then dragging it out, this episode answered these questions for us.

While this series portrayal of a vampire hasn’t always rubbed me the right way, I did really like the twist of vampires sucking human’s blood resulting in the creation of the servants.

When it’s revealed that Erika is being pressured to take a servant, and that vampires crave humans they care about, on top of what we saw in episode 1, it’s pretty obvious where the series is going from here. Kohei’s going to become Erika’s servant.

Seeing Erika’s mom really caught me off guard. It’s been said that vampires don’t age, but she looked so young. Even younger then Erika. It’s hard to believe she’s actually older then Erika.

She might be a MILF if she didn't look so much like a loli...

More then anything, I’m very curious about the relationship between Kuze and Erika’s Mother Dear. I don’t know if we’ll get any answers in the anime, or if the only way to find out is to play Kuze’s path in the visual novel. Still, seeing Kuze slap high class vampire lady was kick butt.

Oh yeah. There was this thing about a cultural festival. With everything else in this episode, it pretty much takes the back seat.

One Reply to “Fortune Arterial 09”

  1. Unfortunately, you’re right, the cultural fest did take a back seat. I think the show is at its absolute best when focusing on school life, though this episode in particular did lead to some interesting questions.

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