Bakuman, episode 14: Let’s draw level grinding RPGs!

Bakuman is back for a second coeur, with a better ED, but pretty much the same, embarrassingly, terrible OP.


It seems my hatred for Miho has now transferred a 100% into a hatred for Mashiro too. Mashiro’s sense of entitlement has reached off the charts levels of obnoxious. He doesn’t seem to recognize that neither Hattori nor Jump owe him anything. It’s all well and fine for him to go on the battle manga path that he wants to take, that’s his prerogative. But I really wish Hattori would’ve turned Mashiro’s hardball tactics right back at him and dropped his ass right then and there.


The animation for this show was never really it’s strong point, but it’s gone totally into the shitter. What in the world is wrong with Kaya in that picture? Her eyes are pointing all over the place, her torso seems displaced, she looks like she’s having a seizure.


Is it any wonder that Hattori threw a fit when he read Takagi and Mashiro’s new name? They basically wrote a level grinding RPG dressed up as a manga name. After all the trials and rejections they went through to come up with “Money and Intelligence”, this is the best effort they decided to share? Is this what their standards are when it comes to battle mangas? Or did they figure they had the credibility to just crap out any piece of shit? It’s scenarios like this where I wish Takagi and Mashiro would display more creative differences. They don’t need to agree on everything. In fact, Mashiro’s dogged insistence to write a battle manga, as a desperation ploy to inside Miho’s pants, is an outright disservice to his partner, as Hattori points out that Takagi has a talent at writing these more quirkier, intelligent stories. I just wish Takagi wasn’t so willing to go along with Mashiro. It makes it seem like he has no skin in the game.


The big breakthrough was that Takagi and Mashiro finally meet Nizumi… and find that their “rival” isn’t that bad of a guy. At the very least, he takes a quick liking to the duo, telling them that he’s a fan, and then expresses his happiness about having found his first friends. *sniff*

Overall, I was probably as frustrated with this episode as Hattori was with the duo. The anime seems hellbent at giving me reason after reason to not root for the duo to ever accomplish anything. It’s a really bad sign that my thoughts on Mashiro have gradually gone from indifference to annoyed to hatred. Eleven more episodes of hating left.

4 Replies to “Bakuman, episode 14: Let’s draw level grinding RPGs!”

  1. finally meet Nizumi

    Nizumi sounds pretty cute, but the correct spelling is Nizuma/Niizuma (unless they gave him a name-change or something. Hmmm…)

    having found his first friends. *sniff*

    *sniff* I shed a tear, too 😳 (manga version, that is). Anyway, I dropped Bakuman two episodes ago, and judging from your impressions, I’m glad I did! You should probably drop it too, seeing that a second season has been confirmed (52 eps in total). Yeah… ❗

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