Kore wa Zombie desu ka? First Impressions

What do you mean there’s no ~de geso~ in this?! All I can hear is Ika Musume’s voice ringing in my head… Kore wa Zombie desu ka? ~de geso~… ~de geso~… ~de geso~…


Zore wa Zombie desu ka is equal parts harem, mahou shoujo, and ridiculousness. In a sort of good way though. Ayumu plays our harem lead, and actually has a bit more personality than most of our other harem leads, which isn’t bad when you’re actually dead and a zombie, as we learn in the opening scene as he throws himself in front of a truck to save a retarded kitten. Living with him is cute, silent, Tenshi-look-alike some-ridiculous-Euro-sounding-name Hellscythe. A necromancer of dubious morality. Having brought Ayumu back to life, Ayumu spends his days rotting in school, and his nights looking to avenge his death. While searching, he comes across a Rena Ryuguu lookalike with a chainsaw (should’ve given her the hatchet) and through some event or another manages to strip Rena naked, steals her magic and gets sawed in half. Later, a giant gay shrimp tracks down Ayumu in search of some good prison-style lovin’ which unleashes Ayumu’s inner mahou shoujo. He defeats the shrimp, only to end up as the subject of all his school chums’ camera photo albums.


I only summarize the episode, because it’s actually even more ridiculous played out on screen. Nothing really makes sense, but it’s probably best that way, because if you think too hard about it, your brain will leak out your ears. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t bad in any sense of the word. The over the topness, and the pure volume of gags and jokes means that some of them are going to be pretty funny. In that vein, I felt like it was sort of similar to Seitokai Ino chizon, even though they’re obviously two vastly different types of shows. But one commonality between them is the general DEEN-style ugliness of all the characters. Everyone looks like someone else. Necromancer as Tenshi. Haruna as Rena. Ayumu as a cross between Keichii and Sugisaki.

This is a drop for me, but mostly because I don’t feel like watching a show like this right now. If the buzz remains strong, I might return and give it a watch some day in the future.

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