Fortune Arterial 10

Ah. The beach episode. Fortune Arterial’s strength shows again here, which is take any cliché it’s handed and executes it surprisingly well. In this one, the gang decides to go to the beach to swim, and to see the fireworks. There the whole situation with Erika’s bloodlust starts to reach a boiling point.

Sadly, one of the weakest parts of Fortune Arterial is the fantasy plot, which really hurts the series, as the fantasy plot is suppose to contain the main conflict. Yet it’s so poorly done that is’ hard to keep up with. For example, I really have a hard time figuring out the relationship between Erika and her mother. Erika says her mom hates her. The mother seems to be doing what’s best for her daughter though. The two needed more screentime for me to understand the dynamics between the two. I suppose the main question is whether Kouhei will become Erika’s servant. We already know from episode 1 from Erika tries to take a bite out of Kouhei. I see no way I around it.

That cherry. Is this scene a euphimism for something else?

I thought the fireworks scene worked incredibly well. It was very intense, and the juxtaposition between the fireworks, Erika fighting her impulses made for a really dramatic effect, and Kouhei being an idiot in the name of love made for a memorable scene.


Other key points of the episode was the continued work on the cultural festival, and the ever adorable brother and sister duo working on a dance. I wish the VN was translated, as I’d love to do Shiro’s path to learn about the backstory behind those two.

There are bunnies on that yukata...

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