Fortune Arterial 11-12

I ended up watched episode 11 and 12 in one go as episode 11 was freaking intense. After that episode 12 was such a messy attempt to patch every thing up that I think it was an anime original ending. Basically, it made no sense. But uh, the two love birds are together. That’s all that matters, right?

In episode 11, Kouhei was happily working on the culture fair while shit hit the fan all around him. After having had a taste of yummy Kouhei, Erika can’t see him without flipping out and the pressure builds for her to take a servant. Shiro steps up to become a servant, although Erika nicely rejects her. It’s confirmed that Sei is Iori’s servant as well, explaining the only conceivable reason he stands so faithfully by Iori. It’s probably the only way Iori could make a friend with all the stunts he pulls. Poor Iori.

And then episode 12. Seeing Kouhei get thrown around was somehow satisfying, and I’m not sure how he survived. But the crowning moment when Erika explained to her mother how she was going to handle the situation was extremely anti-climatic and confusing. I know the point was is the pair would work out a deal on their own term, not on the Erika’s mother’s terms, but it was lost in everything Erika was saying.

Which basically amounts to that Erika is going to suck Kohei when the urge strikes, but she’s not going to make him her servant. So he’ll just die from blood loss. Or well, something. I felt like my confusion was justified, Mommy Dear looked more confused then any else as well. The expression on her face seemed to say, “Do those kids even know what they’re talking about?” And she seemed pleased when she realized she’d get her way in the end.

Probably the worst part is the ending, with some many details crammed in the last couple episodes and everything so rushed, reduced the cultural fair that everyone was working on into a montage of a few scenes. I feel like we spent more time watching them hype it then seeing it. Big let down. However there’s one thing I have to remember when watching an anime based on a visual novel. Playing the visual novel will always be more satisfying.

I’m not blogging anything for the winter season, so until the OVA for this comes out, I’ll be taking a little break.

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