Bakuman, episode 19: Mashiro is the man of the house

And by man of the house, I mean, you know this story centers around Mashiro because everyone acquiesces to his demands. Mashiro rules with an iron fist! All women and less alpha men be damned! In other words, Mashiro is a conceited, self-centered prick who deserves to reap what he sows, except he won’t because he’s the default protagonist.

Takagi, even though I forced you to write a name in a category that wasn't your strength, I am so disgusted with your deformed head, I'm not even going to bother to look at you when I dump you

Mashiro, I will allow you to step all over me, but not before I get this little jab on you, you numb nuts.

Takagi no baka. So baka no one can understand your stupid looking pictures and your ridiculously good stories.
Takagi... save me from Mashiro.
What!? No! Mashiro was NOT having his way with me like a biscotti in an Italian bakery!
Wait til I keikudoori Mashiro... that punk ass.
*punch* Haha, oh Mashiro, sorry, I meant to miss the book and hit your face you illiterate twerp.

Part of me wanted to see Takagi go off on his own and outdo Mashiro.  And the other part of me is happy they made up, not because I think they’re a great duo (they were on more even ground at the beginning, but now Takagi has basically turned into Mashiro’s mom), but because I’m glad I didn’t have to bother with any emo bullshit for longer than this episode (which, admittedly, was fairly free of it, to their credit).

Hattori continues to shine as the most independent, free-thinking character in the show. His sly moves to get the duo back together were much appreciated.

Although Bakuman is a fucking terrible anime, with rapidly declining artwork that hit a new atrocious low this episode, I have enjoyed learning about the thinking behind shounen mangas and publications like JACK/JUMP. I’ve been watching Level E and Beelzebub, and it’s been interesting watching them through new lenses based on what I’ve learned from Bakuman.

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