Yumekui Merry, episode 7: The eponymous beach episode

Ok, let’s go ahead and get the question that no one’s been asking out of the way. Isana has by far the best body of anyone on the show and she also had the cutest bikini. So Isana > everyone else. Any fanservice war veterans can now proceed to the unemployment line to receive your checks. Thank you for participating.


Is it ironic that Merry showed the least amount of skin that she’s shown on the show so far by walking around in a standard suzumiku? That’s a pretty remarkable feat.


So here we are with the "standard" beach episode. I feel like this type of episode has been declining recently, but YK has sort of a mid-2000’s feel to it. So I’m not surprised to see the beach episode in full force. Although to the show’s credit, there were zero nosebleeds and none of the standard trip, fall on crotch events – although there was an de-bra-ing event. But while the show didn’t break too much new ground, there were a couple nice parts, besides the rare opportunities to see Isana in her cute bikini. One, was Yumeji reminding Merry that what Play/Engi said concerning dream demons having no way home and being exterminated, not necessarily being true. Merry seems to be beating herself up, particularly over Chris Everfresh or Evergreen (you know what? eff these names, I can’t keep them straight. I’m just going to make shit up from now on). The emphasis on Chris, who otherwise was a pretty minor character, even in comparison to Serio or Engi or dark Rika, makes me think that he’s going to return eventually.


The other nice part was being introduced to Mistletree, the supposed 2nd baddest demon next to Mr. Elcreth badass himself. I certainly didn’t expect Mistletree to rival last week’s DFC cat nurse in moe-ness.


Unfortunately for the sentai loving-little boy, Masaru, and his defender, Yojimbo the not quite teenage ninja mutant turtle defender of justice, Moetree wipes the bloody floor with him and turns the young Masaru into an empty shell. Although during this fight scenes, two questions popped to mind: how exactly do these fights take place in reality? and even for "good" dream demons like Yojimbo, are they being irresponsible (and selfish) in making these deals with their hosts, knowing that if they died, their host would become a soulless husk? Going to the first one, Shana had a convenient explanation in the Fuzetsu, which basically froze time for everyone. However, this doesn’t seem to be happening in Yumekui. I believe, based on what we saw today, that whole 3-4 minute scene between Moetree and Yojimbo likely happened within a several second period of real time. Not too dissimilar to how a dream might feel like it lasts for hours, when in actually most dreams last for seconds. Otherwise, I think people would’ve gathered around Masaru, if he was standing around like an invalid for a few minutes. The answer to the second question is a lot more subjective. But my answer would be yes, even these dream demons with good intentions are being selfish. But I’m still not sure why they necessarily feel a need to become a parasite.


What else was interesting about this episode? Well, besides the fact that Moetree doesn’t already possess an existing character, I learned that you shouldn’t trust anyone who can’t manage to eat an onigiri without missing the damn rice. It’s not that difficult. For god’s sake. It’s not that difficult. I’m pretty sure Iijima sensei has already made a deal with the Elcreth, because only a devil like Elcreth could fail so much at eating rice. My suspicions of Yumeji’s BL poet friend, Taketeru being possessed by an "evil" demon have decreased somewhat. Although I still remain suspicious of Chizuru. Oh, and sexy music aside, Isana > Chizuru in the fanservice wars.


Otherwise, this episode, besides meeting the fanservice quota, really was a potentially nice setup episode for the eventual showdown between Moetree and Merry. I really like the relationship between Merry and Yumeji (sort of being the big brother that Kirino never wanted), and I give particular kudos to the director for continuing to keep any hint of romance out of this relationship. It makes the partnership between Merry and Yumeji feel that much stronger, and much more unique. I hope they keep it this way.

4 Replies to “Yumekui Merry, episode 7: The eponymous beach episode”

  1. Not the best episode ever but decent stuff anyway nice to see a new dream demon appear, can’t wait to see Merry fight Mistletree.

    But Merry was so depressed the whole time! Hopefully Yumeji’s speech wakes her up to be her usual happy self. Course more people want to see Chaser pop up more.

  2. I swear, my initial reaction to the start of this episode was, “Wow, a beach episode”. Still, like you said, it wasn’t really the traditional beach episode, what with the lack of Epic Typical Fanservice. I’m fascinated by Mistletree–evil and adorable all at once! I think it’s hard to take a villain seriously though, when they have a name like Mistletree. I can’t help but giggle at it.

  3. Merry just needs to get the blood pumping. She’s probably suffering from dream seasonal affective disorder. Some exercise, some fights, some skin exposure. Once she gets that bare midriff quota back up, she’ll be back to normal.

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