Bakuman, episode 19: Isn’t this a bad idea?

In the bizarro world that is the MAL forums, Bakuman is beloved. Mashiro is beloved. And satan spawn are enjoying a killer ski season in the depths of hell.


So with Takagi and Mashiro back on the same team, Takagi realizes he has to go through 2 months of background material Hattori sent him, before he should start on the story. Kaya offers to watch the movies and read the manga instead and provide summaries so Takagi can take shortcuts writing stories. Let me tell you why that’s a bad idea. Just reading the summaries of mysteries is missing the whole point of a mystery. I don’t know how you could possibly pick up tricks of the trade if you aren’t privy to the details. That’s the most important part. A basic summary of a mystery generally isn’t going to be mind-blowing. Also, I know Kaya was no grandmaster independent female, but is her life and social circle so lacking that she has the time to do Takagi’s dirty work for him? Can she just start popping out babies now? That’s all women are good for right?


Wrong. They’re also good as sex objects. I hope the fact that Miho is now otaku fap-bait is not lost on Mashiro. I want to see the scene where he comes across all the 2ch comments about what they want to do to his precious virgin dreamgirl. I also want to see the Behind-the-Seiyuu documentary in which we get to see all the dirty things Miho had to do behind the scenes to get from one bit role in one anime to lead OP singer in less than 6 months. Unrealistic much?


Screw everyone else. Keikaku doori Hattory-Ryuk is the man! When’s the shinigami and manga editor comic duo spinoff coming?


Hattori is not pleased by Ashirogi Muto’s deception and ruining of his keikaku doori. You don’t mess with a man’s keikaku doori!


I enjoyed seeing Hattori putting Takagi and Mashiro through serialization boot camp. I also like the fact that he’s brutally honest and lets them know that they’re no Nizuma. THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE NIZUMA! This show needs more Hattori like it needs less episodes.


Does Mashiro’s character look a lot like Lelouch or is it just me? Anyway, Hattori’s boot camp pays off, and Takagi and Mashiro get accepted into Golden Future Cup, giving them a chance at their not-nearly-as-long-as-Nakai-waited serialization. Hurrah.

3 Replies to “Bakuman, episode 19: Isn’t this a bad idea?”

  1. I agree that it would be much better to experience them firsthand, but there might be some value to looking across the entire collection at a more abstract level. If nothing else, it might enable you to locate specific works relevant to whatever you working on. The problem there is that you would need the summarization to be well-handled. Does Kaya really have the skills to pull that off? I’m not so sure.

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