Yumekui Merry, episode 9: Twists and turns

There’s four episodes left, and we actually still haven’t seen Elcreth. I’m starting to wonder if they’re going to hold him for a potential second season.


Clowneye, the poor man’s version of Excalibur was indeed the most annoying villain to date. But in between being retardedly taunting Merry and Engi after realizing that he was outclassed and outmatched, Clowneye did make the most insightful comment about the show so far. Arguably the most interesting character of the show so far has been the unfortunately named John Doe. Mostly because he apparently has an army of catnurses to cater to his needs, but also because he’s probably the only gray character of the show (well, except for Chizuru who thus far has just been boring). Yumeji, Merry and Engi are all so predictably virtuous that you know how their showdowns will unfold. Even when Engi claimed to lack discipline and attacked Clowneye after learning of the cost to the host (was that really a surprise? I thought Merry’s been talking about it the whole time), I was sure she wasn’t going to seal the deal. I figured either because of a change of heart, or because Yumeji or Merry would stop her. And lo and behold, that’s what happened. Meanwhile, Moetree and Elcreth’s motives seem so one-sidedly villainous that I can’t really take them seriously.


In a shocking turn of events Ijima turns out to be a villain and host to Moetree. Kicking the shit out of the wannabe vet after Moetree demolished her vessel seemed a bit much though. We get it. He’s evil. They spent 8 and a half episodes not-so-subtly dancing around the issue, and then revealed it with the grace of a raging bull in a china shop.


Of course, just because Moetree is cartoonishly villainous, doesn’t mean she’s not fun to watch. If you’re going to be a one-dimensional villain, you might as well go for the gusto. And it’s been fun watching her demolish demons with no remorse. But wore interesting was hearing about her plan to unseat Elcreth. ClownEye reveals the recent uptick in these dream demon attacks has been due to Moetree’s unique power of being able to “vessel-ize” humans with dream demon counterparts, regardless of whether either party actually wants to do so. Moetree seems to be using this power to draw out Elcreth’s supporters and offing them one by one. A Moetree vs. Elcreth showdown would be an interesting way to end the season. Another interesting part was Ijimi/Moetree acknowledging Chizuru the creeper, but not doing anything about her. Ostensibly this was probably just to set up her trying to save Isana at the cost of her own hopes and dreams.


Which brings us to the next  “revelation” – Isana’s impending demise at the hands of Moetree/Ijima. I mean just look at her glowing like a cute little fireball. Oh wait, wrong screenshot.


Ok, this one’s a bit more creepier. We’ve been building up to this for the whole season Merry and Yumeji, this is what you’ve been training for! Now go get something done!


On another note, I loved the chibi-fied scenes. Yui in particular is just so glompable.

5 Replies to “Yumekui Merry, episode 9: Twists and turns”

  1. So saw that teacher being a bad guy for a while now, Then again do they make it really easy to find out who’s bad and good most of the time. Still very cool story progression can’t wait to see how they wrap things up hopefully things end to open up another season.

    1. heh, I think every show I watch, I think “there’s no way they’re going to finish this” but somehow they almost always end up finding a way to wrap everything up. Then again… JC Staff is known for sequelizing everything.

  2. I really have feeling that Iijima sensei is bad guys at my first glance on his first appearance, and it turn out to be true! He is totally a wicked guy.

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